Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 2 part 2 of Mystery Trip

It seemed that about all we did on this mystery trip was eat. I bet I gained 10 lbs. 

We had breakfast every morning at John's Restaurant across the street from the hotel. They were ready for the bus tour crowds with a nice buffet and able staff. On this trip we had all meals covered, tips and all, except lunch. Pretty fun just eating and walking out!! 

For lunch Day 2, (following our moonshine tasting) we drove to Prosser's on rte. 17. They had a low-country buffet. This is my plate.
sweet potatoes, collards, green beans, potato salad, slaw, chicken gizzards and something I had never heard of before.... chicken bog. 
That stuff was good. I hope I can learn to make it at home! 

We got some rest and then headed out again for a dinner play at Pirates Voyage. Now, I've never done one of those dinner play thingys and this was one of the best. (of course, it is because I have no other to judge it by) and it was great fun. 

They said not to take pictures during the show. But, I took a few right at the end. I wasn't the only one. What are they going to do... arrest us!!! 

During the pre-show, Salty the sea-lion entertained us. Here he is giving himself a hand!

Part of the floor show set.

 I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the colorful macaws flying around the room but each picture I took was blurry.

One side of the large seating space for diners.

Part of the elaborate finale. 
We thoroughly enjoyed the show and the food. 

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