Friday, April 22, 2016

Mystery Trip - Day One

I came in 'dragging my tail feathers' as the old saying goes. It was a very busy 4 days... that mystery trip was!! And, we did so much so I am breaking it down into several posts and I hope that you enjoy it all.

We had a marvelous Mercedes bus that seated 40. We had a great bus driver named Stefan. And, Donna, our tour guide, made sure we got our money's worth.

Day One....

I had it in my head we were heading north. Sort of thought maybe Lancaster or Gettysburg, Pa. But, nope.... the bus turned south on I95.

About midway through the state of North Carolina we stopped in a little town by the name of Coats. One of those sleepy little towns, population less than 2,500. What were we going to see here?

                                   They had a museum showcasing their town     

                            Small but informative and it was a pleasant stop.

                                           and also a cotton museum

a cotton gin.

A bail of picked cotton

a 'crib' of sorts where babies and small children were placed while Mama could keep an eye on her brood while she worked in the cotton fields. 

        And, in this town was a restaurant where we ate our lunch.

How would you feel if 38 people showed up for lunch? They knew in advance we were coming but only had two waitresses and one cook to handle all of us plus any locals who might drop in to see what a huge bus was doing parked on their narrow street.

So, guess who got skipped over when the orders were taken? Yep, me and daughter Shirley. But, the waitress was charming and funny and she did apologize so we were fine.

Shirley paying the bill. 

                        We headed south again, still in the dark about our destination.

Finally, somewhere in South Carolina, we head toward the coast and Myrtle Beach.
                                                  My heart sank!!
We have beaches here in Virginia and none of us had packed clothes for a romp in the sand.
So, yes, big disappointment. But, you will see how it turned out as I progress through our journey.

                                  We reached our hotel (Dayton House Resort)

                                        and the view off our balcony is gorgeous!


            Soon we are on the bus again... this time headed to dinner.                                         Where will we go to dine?

                           It's Benjamin's Original Calabash Seafood buffet.

A pirate welcomed us, we had our pictures taken and then we ate until we popped. Every kind of seafood imaginable. Oh my.


We dropped into our bed, pleasantly stuffed and very tired, to sleep a few hours until we would take off again. Please join me in a couple days for the rest of the journey. It gets better and better!



  1. Such fun, Mom! I wondered if they would warn people what kind of clothes would be needed (ie a bathing suit???) :-) Looks like the trip was jam packed with fun, and this is just he first day! Can't wait to see the rest. My ooh my...reminded me of our bus trip in Ireland a bit! Not knowing exactly what to expect next and everything wonderfully planned out.

  2. Looks like fun, next time brown bag it.

  3. What a wonderful time you had!! So glad you enjoyed it! xx

  4. Looks great! One of my favorite places to eat....been there many times! Have you been here before and did you enjoy the grand strand? Cant wait to see more pictures!

  5. you did not know where you were going on this trip?? sounds kinda' fun, exciting and adventurous!!!!

    the seafood restaurant looks and sounds wonderful!!! day one sounds pretty successful!!!

  6. Lovely to hear from you, Latane. The seafood dinner sounds so delicious.

  7. I worked with many mystery tours here in Central Kentucky. I know how and why these trips are planned. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I'm glad to hear your trip improved as you went along. I love Calabash seafood!

  8. I am a little late in catching up with blog reading, Latane, but reading backwards on your blog today, I have learned that you have been busy, as always. A mystery trip sounds like a fun adventure, and it's something we have never done (yet). It seems you had a good group of travel companions and fun which is the most important thing!

  9. I've never heard of a mystery trip like that, but I'd love to be in Myrtle Beach! LOL


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