Monday, May 23, 2016

50 Things I Would Do.

Guess I am overdue for a "Growing Old Gracefully" post. I ran across a POST (at next about "What's Your Plan if You Live to 100?" That's something to mull over, for sure. For one, I have no plan. I've thought about the possibility of reaching 100 (my grandmother did) but I have no plan? Nope, not one.

Yet, we all need to prepare for such a momentous occasion, should it happen to us. Wouldn't that be a hum-dinger of a party!!

Anyway, it got me to thinking about a challenge a friend of mine told me she was doing and of course, I told her that I wanted to join in the fun.

So, I started writing down "50 Things You would Do Before You Die". And, that is if there are no money worries, your health is excellent and there were no strings attached. 

You know what.... I've been on this project for weeks and so far I have thought of 16 things. I am stuck, folks. It's harder than you think.

Why don't you see how many things you can come up with.

Here's my 16.

1. Have a small apartment on the Rue de Seine in Paris for six months. (I'd miss my family too much to stay longer)

2. Write a sequel to "Springtime In Magnolia" (I'd call it "Summer in Magnolia". Who knows, then I might want to write "Leaves Are Falling In Magnolia" and then finish it all off with "Magnolia's Winter")

3. Learn to be a master chef.

4. Have a studio where I could do oil paintings (my apartment is just too small)

5. Spend a month wandering through Tuscany, Italy. (and sampling all the great food)

6. Learn to swim

7. Spend an hour every day renewing my soul through mediation, prayer and reading.

8. Go to a spa where I'd lose weight and look fabulous. Like this gal....

9. Have a chauffeur to take me anywhere I wanted to go. (I no longer like to drive in heavy traffic or for long distances)

10. Take a train trip through the Rockies (Canada or U. S. or both)

11. Buy a vacation cabin in the mountains.

12. Have a stylist help me purchase a new wardrobe. (I like the way this gal looks)

13. Fly first class whenever and wherever I wanted.

14. Be a travel photographer.

15. Have a full time housekeeper. (I'd rather play than work)

16. Go to symphony concerts often.......

hmmmm..... what else?  What is yours? It can be one thing or as many as you can think of. 


  1. Mine...keep up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other!

  2. I have your book and need to read it when my dissertation is done!

  3. You are way to energetic for me , now I just want to
    ???? LOL

  4. i enjoyed this, i would rather play than work too!!!!!!!!

  5. Great list! What about adding lots of time and space for gardening and a gardener to do it when you were too tired or busy!

  6. This is GREAT! I love your list, and a few things surprised me. I always said, if I had a second life to live, I have a list of the things I would want to do. Because there just isn't enough time and energy (even if money wasn't an issue) to do them in the rest of my life. But this is a cool idea! Enjoyed the post! What I AM doing is writing feverishly right now, Mom...thanks for the encouragement! Love you!


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