Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In the Air and On The Ground.

I just gotta show you some bird activity that's been going on around my place. So, I will share over at Wild Bird Wednesday

First of all, when I saw the Osprey headed for it's nest (now, you have to realize that this is a good distance away and I just have a standard camera with no attachable lens) I could have sworn that he was carrying a fish. With the help of my zoom lens and a tad of cropping, here it is... That's a fish, isn't it? A pretty good sized catch, I'd say. 

And, I saw this little fellow sitting in the grass across from my balcony. I believe he must be a juvenile Brown Thrasher for he sat there the longest time, like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing. Then he made a short flight up into the tree. Am I right?

And, just look at this blue heron sneaking out from behind that reedy grass.  He thinks I can't see him but I can.

Hope you enjoy the birds in your neighborhood and elsewhere this week. Have a good one.


  1. Great photos! That first one is a nice capture for both you and the osprey. There is always crazy bird activity around my house. The other day was full of screaming crows. ~ Sharon

  2. Hello, what a great variety of birds. I like the osprey with the fish and the Brown Thrasher. Cute shot of the sneaky GB Heron. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Great photos! Love the Brown Thrasher!

  4. You captured some really good photos of those birds!!! The bird carrying the fish reminded me of the time my daughter and I was driving to a bed and breakfast near Lake Erie! I huge bird flew right in front of our car carrying a huge fish!! We actually SAW him dip down to the water and then wing its way over the road with the fish - a BIG one! - in its mouth! I did not get a picture of this except in my mind!

  5. Nice captures, Latane. We watched an adult Brown Thrasher, looking very much like the one you have pictured here - except its mouth was open. Just sitting on the ground, all puffed out.

  6. Awesome bird photos, Mom! I have always been fascinated by the way an osprey catches its fish...the fish are actually facing the same direction as the bird, like it's on a ride in Disneyworld! :-) Only, sadly it isn't. It looks almost like there's a stick or something that got caught in the osprey's talons s well as the fish. Great shots of all the birds. That young brown thrasher is great, and I love the sneaky heron.

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