Monday, June 20, 2016

I've Have A Blue Monday, That's Certain.

And, how are all of you this morning?

For me, I am fine. 

I think I will join in  Blue Monday today. How about you? Come on over and join in, too.

I just had to share this blue pig with you. The pig 'statues' are all over Smithfield (Virginia) since Smithfield is home of Smithfield ham, bacon, you name it. If it's HOG, it's Smithfield. Now that I've typed in Smithfield four times. (oh dang it, that makes #5) I think I will move on. 

I watch a lot of planes flying over my apartment building. This one was up pretty doggone high when Leslie bets me I can't get a picture of it so high up. Well, guess who lost that bet.

I got these moonshine pickles when I was on my trip down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You know, they are good... and you can taste the moonshine in them, too. I swear I had not had too many of those pickles when I was out shooting pigs in Smithfield (oops, typed that word again)

There's another city around here that has 'statues' of a certain kind depicting the interest of the city. Norfolk, Virginia has mermaids. All over the place!! I like this one in blue. She fits right in with the blue theme today as well. 



  1. Ah, Smithfield... I wouldn't have made the connection. I really like the airplane photo.

  2. Enjoyed all the sights you shared, but the plane is awesome. My family is going to Myrtle Beach next week. Will have to get them to bring some of those pickles.

  3. Hi Latane, I seldom post a comment, but want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You got a great picture of the plane. Enjoy your blog with your daughter. Have a cool day.

  4. I was in Smithfield walking the trails of the Windsor Castle Park, then we walk to the shop with the delicious Icecream to cool off. Nice little town. I took pictures of all the decorated pigs I came across. It's fun to try and make a story out of the design on each one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the delightful blue pig and a chuckle while reading your post. I hope you will share a few more of the pigs soon. Love them. In a town near by they have painted cows everywhere. Creative and fun to see.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. your blog is so pretty and I love the mermaid picture! Glad you are enjoying those south carolina pickles!!!!!!!

  7. Nice shot of the plane! I've heard about the hog statues, but have yet to see one. We passed that mermaid on one of our walks downtown. It's the only one I've seen done vertically. Great header and birdies at the top of the page.


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