Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In The Good Ole Summertime

Oh my, my taste buds go into overdrive in anticipation of the wonderful food available in the summertime. Don't you just love it!!

Every spring I can't wait for plants to flower and then give us fruits and veggies. You know, you are suppose to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That's what my Mama always said and Mama knew what she was talking about. 

The first thing I look forward to are the strawberries. I could eat a peck of those things, everything from the juicy red fruit swimming in milk and sugar to a very special Strawberry Pizza that I make. Sadly the strawberries are gone now. 

But... the sweet corn is in. Not just any corn will do. It's got to be Silver Queen and I know where to buy it fresh from the field. We just had steamed corn on the cob for three nights in a row. Oh, my goodness... I have to get back to the corn stand and buy some more. 

Summer would not be summer without ripe, red tomatoes and those are plentiful right now. Don't give me those tasteless things ripened in a hothouse. They just won't do. I want tomatoes picked off a vine, local grower. I slather some mayo on white bread, pile on the sliced tomato, salt and pepper generously. Not, that's just as good as it gets!

And, watermelon, especially sweet juicy, ice-cold watermelon. 

I gotta shut up, folks. My mouth is watering just thinking about all those yummy things.... and I haven't even had breakfast this morning. 


  1. I'm with you - from the first berries to the last squash in autumn.

  2. And don't forget the cherries! I'm having some right now with my breakfast. :-) I love fresh harvested fruits and veggies you get from the Home-Grown stand!!! Such a nice summer post. Haven't had a good tomato sandwich yet this year. :-(

  3. We've been foraging for black raspberries and picking the last of our red raspberries. Good old summertime. Thanks for letting me know you're looking forward to reading my future book. I'm planning to order yours too!

  4. This post makes my taste buds tingle!! And let me take this opportunity to say that I just read a wonderful comment on my post from your daughter - Marie-AZ - who said you had recommended my blog. Thank you for the kindness of that...I can tell right off that you are precious people! I very much look forward to our talks!

  5. Wow the strawberries look delicious....the taste of summer!

  6. An ear of that buttery corn, steaming on the plate, with a bowl of cut-up juicy tomatoes, with or without a little mayo stirred in---and a bowl of sliced strawberries to follow---my spoon and I would do a happy dance!



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