Monday, August 29, 2016

Eating Out

You just don't go on trips without trying the restaurants in the area. We ate at three the four days we were in Alabama. We tried out a goodly number, wouldn't you say?

First of all we went to Luvicie's in Athens. We got a table with a window view. Even though it was getting dark outside we wanted to see 'things'. And, the food was great. Would you believe that I was there without my camera? But, my son and I were captured enjoying the time together by someone else's cell phone.

The next day we were off to Big Bob Gibson's Barbeque in Decatur. They've won all sort of awards for their barbeque, even some international ones so naturally we had to try them out. 
It was some kind of good eating!! 

This is my plate of ribs! Okay, my eyes were bigger than my tummy but take-outs are always good.

My son enjoyed his sampler plate.

And, then on Monday we stopped by The Rocking Chair Restaurant in Tuscumbia.

The interior was very nice. A homey, pleasant atmosphere in which to dine.

Again, my son and I enjoyed our meal and time together.

I loved their salt and pepper shaker holders. 

Our view out the window

Yes, we had some great food, some great times together. 


  1. So glad someone captured you and your son in that first image. I love it! That is a big plate of ribs, but oh does it every look yummy! I like to eat at locally owned restaurants that aren't available in my home town when traveling. My favorites are the tiny mom and pop restaurants. I think it adds to the whole experience of being in a different local. Odd though, the entire design inside and out of the Rocking Chair sure look like the national chain restaurant Cracker Barrel.

  2. Glad you had such a good time with that handsome son... Looks like you definitely ATE WELL... That was truly a huge plate of Ribs...


  3. Nothing better than eating out with a handsome fella! Your son looked like he was enjoying spoiling his mama too!

    Great for the family album.
    Enjoy every day.

    Mary -

  4. Looks like good times! I need to visit Big Bob Gibson's!

  5. That home-like restaurant looks so charming. Anytime a mom gets time with a daughter or son is a great time! Love the smiles you're wearing.

  6. Lots of good eats! I thought the eye in your previous post was well done. Always good to see your Great Blue Heron. Looked like the Blue Jay molted his crest right off his head.

  7. Great photos of you and your son. I had to spend a while looking at the one with the dog. It looked like a real dog sitting at the table and then I realised it was part of the condiment set, silly me :)

  8. Great photos of the wonderful eats, and fun! Love seeing these photos of Michael and you & Michael especially! Great-looking header now too Mom!

  9. I love these photos...the ribs look scrumptious and nice not to have to cook the next day! Good looking look like brother and sister!! You are amazingly young looking for your age!! You go girl!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Glad you enjoyed your trip down and visit with Michael.


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