Friday, September 16, 2016

A Peaceful Life

Ta Da... 

Laundry day and posting about five things on Friday. I think I can do that!!

Joining in with Willy Nilly FridayFive On Friday and Simple and Sweet Friday

1. Fall is coming. It won't be long until the birds will be flying south for the winter. Although I disliked the summer heat and I won't like the winter cold any better, I am going to enjoy the cooler days of Fall.  (Yes, I know those are pelicans. But, I needed a picture of birds flying in formation and that one worked fine)

2. Little boys love to climb trees. I remember climbing the peach trees at my grandparents house. It was loads of fun and made me feel so 'growny-fied'. 

3. I used to sit for hours in libraries doing genealogical research. Now I just use my computer. It's easier. I took this picture of the genealogy room at the library in Norfolk when I was on a tour. 

4. There is something very calming about a fountain. I have certainly enjoyed the one at my apartment complex. However, I found this one at Spring Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama. 

5. There's nothing quite like a country lane to soothe the nerves and calm the soul. Don't you agree?

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  1. That looks an intriguing pathway, I wonder where it leads to! Amazing to be able to see all those pelicans flying over! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Lovely Five on Friday. I like the pathway. I am glad I missed all the hot, hot weather. I like it as much as I like the really cold winter!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. 1. I love fall. Yesterday I saw geese flying south. Pelicans work just fine.
    2. What a cute little tree climber.
    3. Beautiful Library
    4. Fountains are fun.
    5. Pretty country lane.

    Thanks for your nice comment about Caramel "Honeybun" is her middle name, we will call her Caramel. She's so sweet & already spoilt rotten.

  4. I like spring, fall, and winter because I love to throw open all the windows and GET FRESH AIR IN THE HOUSE!! In the hot sweltering summers here we have to keep the air on constantly. Hopefully Fall will arrive soon! We are already getting cold.....down in the low 80s! ha ha LOL

  5. #1 fussy are we?
    #2 I always have preferred to have both feet on the ground.
    #3 Wow, what a library.
    #4 dancing water.
    #5 give me a dirt country backroad and I'm in heaven

  6. What a wonderful gathering of photos. I especially liked the tree climbing one and the path through the woods. They always make me want to go for a walk.

  7. I checked your other blog and found it delightful. I have a tip for you. In June, around the 24th, our Charming Charlie had a huge jewelry sale. Everything had been marked down about 50% and then they took another 70% off the marked down price. You might watch for another sale next June (or before). I, too, love that place and I'm an old lady.

  8. A wonderful five, I loved the tree climbing and the country lane was a real delight. Take care.

  9. Country lanes are very soothing and the pelican fly over is amazing. Like you I used to sit in libraries doing genealogical research and now do it all on the computer. Have a lovely weekend:)

  10. Oh I absolutely agree about fountains, indeed I sometimes hunt them out if I am feeling stressed. The leaves on the tree in your second picture are such pretty colours already and your little climber is a cutie too. Hope you are having a great weekend xx

  11. That is a beautiful room. I wonder if I can find pomegranates here-my family enjoys them immensely.

  12. I enjoy seeing the sights you share. That country lane is enticing. Thanks for the link to the other blog.

  13. Great photos! I agree with you about the fountains. Sweet picture of the little boy. I have a photo of my son climbing a tree about this age. Wishing you a great day Latane :)


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