Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Surprising Gift.

I know you all are tired, tired, tired of looking at that rooster with an attitude (my last post). But, I've had a hard time getting post- motivated. I worked hard all day Labor Day and then today others pulled me in so many directions I was just in a tizzy. You ever been in a tizzy? It's so stressful and not fun at all.

My boyfriend, Leslie, has been very sick... just wouldn't give up to go to the doctor. Aren't men just the weirdest creatures!!!! But, finally he did get some medical help and found out he had double pneumonia. So, I've been care-giving, fixing meals and taking them to him, picking up his groceries and meds etc.

He's getting better so it's time to join a couple memes. Let's see what I can come up with.

First, let me share this gorgeous plumeria blossom with you. There's a story behind it... wouldn't you know?

Marie from over at It's a Colorful World, she's my daughter in case you weren't aware of that, she send me a Mother's Day gift one year from Arizona. When I opened that box up, all that was in there was this bare stick!! What kind of gift is that?  She told me to just stick it in a pot of dirt and see what happened.

Well, I did. And, soon it started to sprout leaves, and there were more branches and it grew and grew and grew. That durn thing got 7ft. tall! Of course, everyone wanted a cutting so I'd just tell them to go out and cut a 'stick' off of it and put it in a pot of dirt.. This is one of the cuttings that my son got off my plant.

That stick brought me so much joy. Don't you just love gifts like that? Even if you don't know what they are when you get them.

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  1. Glad that your friend finally broke down and went to the doctor. Good thing that he has you to run and do for him so that he can give his energies to getting well.

    I didn't know that about Plumeria. It sounds like quite the magical plant.

  2. if someone gave me a bare ole stick and it took off blooming and being all pretty and bright and such.......I would be thrilled and think "this is one of the most awesome presents ever!!" Its very pretty and isn't that the flower they use to make leis in Hawaii? Does it smell good? Get well soon, to Mr. Leslie!

  3. Wow, what a surprise! That I call a little miracle.
    I don't know, what is a tizzy, but it seems, you had a hard time. What a luck, that Leslie has you as a friend, my best wishes

  4. I will never get tired of your rooster with an attitude Latane :) I love roosters, all chickens in fact. I find them very entertaining, and fun to watch and to look at :) It’s hard to get post-motivated at times, especially when life is hectic. Sounds like you’ve been real busy. Sorry to hear that Leslie has been ill with pneumonia but happy to hear he is getting better. Yes, what is it with men and going to the doctor? He’s very lucky to have you take care of him.

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing that beautiful Plumeria with Today’s Flowers, and for the story that went along with it. I’ve been following Marie for some time now and have enjoyed her blog very much. What a great Mother’s Day gift, even though it just seemed like a puzzling stick at first. How neat to see it turn into such a beautiful flower, and that it grew to 7 ft!!! Who would have thought that just merely putting it into dirt would have produced such a beauty? Well, now I know and I am so glad you told that story. Have a great week Latane :)

  5. Sorry to hear that Leslie has been so sick. He is blessed to have you to help him. Your plant is lovely. Don't you love something that roots so easily?

  6. Sorry to hear about your fellow, I hope he is better soon, take care of yourself, I know that being a caregiver can be hard so if you are able to relax do so. Love your "stick plant", how cool is that!! xx

  7. my pictures always motivate my posts, without them, i would not be motivated to write!!! i know "tizzy" and don't like her very much...hehehe

    i hope leslie is on the mend, you are a gem to be taking such good care of him!!!!

  8. ooooh and beautiful bloom, it really is a pretty one!!!!

  9. That is so funny LaTane! I can just see you opening that present and seeing the stick -- but knowing that there must be more to it than that of course (because we all know that your daughter is such a sweetie).

    Its very hard for me get started with a post unless I have new pictures. But you did great; your words made me smile and the plumeria is beautiful.

    I hope your BF is feeling better by now... take care of yourself too and don't overdo.

  10. I used to tell my kids (when they were still kids) "all I had to play with when I was a kid was a rock and a stick". I never thought to plant those sticks ... maybe I should have! You got a great plant from yours ;)


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