Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finding The Place You Should Be

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today but it just spilled out of me and by the time I had finished, I knew it belonged in my 'Growing Old Gracefully' category.

In each phase of our lives we have certain things to let us know that we are where we should be.

Sometimes things make us know we AREN"T where we should be but that's another story!!

Right now, in my 80s, I am happy where I am. Life has slowed down for me. I have to pick and choose where I want my energy spent. Lord knows there's so much less of that now so I have to be careful with it. Like spending money. You don't want to waste a bit of it. 

When I moved into The Commons 2 1/2 years ago... Yes, it was that long ago... I felt that I had found the perfect place for me. I still feel that way.

 I am fortunate to have found a place that is an independent-living  apartment but one with amenities. Like no one under 55 can live here. That means peace and quiet (well, most of the time, sometimes these oldsters can get a bit noisy). It means forming strong friendships, looking out for one another.

 And, the staff provides us with those 'amenities' I was talking about. 

There's a once a week trip on the Commons van to a variety of grocery stores. There's the games they provide, the covered dish dinners they oversee and occassionally they throw in makings of a cookout or an ice cream social. 

Several months ago they started taking us out for lunch. We are 'The Lunch Bunch' and we go once a month. They keep the destination a secret so we have a great time figuring out where we are going. This week we went to Carrabbas Italian Restaurant. I'd never been before so it was a real treat. The people there were so nice. The manager even came over and kidded around with us awhile.

One of the pleasures and pluses of growing old is that you get to make these choices in life, choices that put you where you should be. I know so many older people who just sit down and stare at the tv for hours on end. Just look at what they are missing in life. I can't do that. I hope you can't either!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to live. Love the sound of the trips out for lunch.

  2. I love this post my friend and I SO AGREE!!

  3. I am very happy you are enjoying this phase of your life!

  4. Thank you for the upbeat post on the joy of our journey in whatever stage we may be.

  5. It sounds like a great place to live. And this is good advice. Thank you Latane!

  6. Sounds like you have found the perfect place with the security we all need and the beautiful comforts of your home. Great to have some friends to have a laugh and chat with and also to share some new adventures. I love your quote, so true! Have a wonderful week :)

  7. So very thankful that you love your home. Sounds like a perfect fit for you. We are thankful for our present home (we moved in July); we feel like we are where the Lord wants us now. Have a wonderful day.

  8. I so agree with your philosophy. Keep enjoying every minute of your life, the fun excursion adventures and your wonderful home.

  9. GREAT post, Mom! So meaningful and hopefully helpful to many of your readers! I love that the Commons is such a perfect place for you to live. Barbara was telling Russell on the phone the other day she would sell the house and move into one where she lives but the cost is twice what she gets each month, plus they won't let you have overnight visitors at all. You have a lot to be grateful for with the Commons, that's for sure!

    Speaking of being where we need to be....another house fell through this morning (someone else bid on it) The one I told you about in Madras. Strangely I am amazingly calm and don't even care this morning, in spite of the graphic I printed on my Friday Five! :-) We'll get there...the perfect place has to be right around the corner!

  10. Sounds as if you live in a very nice place.
    That lunch in the Italian restaurant sounded fun.

    A lovely post, which many will find helpful.

    All the best Jan

  11. Oh that everyone could be as happy and contented! I enjoyed your post.......=)

  12. You, and your lovely new home, are an example to us all! xx


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