Monday, October 24, 2016

Yellow Roses

I love roses... always have and for a long time yellow ones were my favorites. I have other favs now but I couldn't help but treasure these beauties that were growing in my son's yard. 

I would like to link up with Through My Lens and Mellow Yellow. And, I got a lovely invite to join Today's Flowers so I will be joining that as well.  

Do you have a favorite rose? What color? What type? They certainly are a beautiful piece of God's work here on earth.


  1. Yellow roses remain my favorite. Not sure of type, probably a tea rose. The ones you are showing are lovely...are they knock out roses?

  2. Gorgeous roses! Of course Michael would have some beautiful things growing in his yard! You got some pretty pictures, and so happy you posted them!

  3. Beautiful, I am a fan of the rambling rose, as you usually get repeat flowers throughout the Summer and Autumn.

  4. Pretty pretty pictures! I also love the sketch in the previous post-- you are surely talented that way! I cannot draw or paint at all! I love all colors of roses!

  5. Yellow roses are my favorite. My dear Aunt Ida has a beautiful pink rose bush she lived. I think of her when I see pink roses.

  6. Beautiful roses! I would like to invite you to link with Today's Flowers. The meme is open until next Thursday evening when the new week wll start. The link is below if interested and thank you for considering, no pressure of course :)

    1. Hi Latane, I am back to thank you for linking with Today's Flowers. That was so sweet of you and I appreciate it very much :))) Have a great day :)

  7. These are lovely! I don't have a favorite rose.


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