Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chased By A Grouse

               Today is election day. Do your civic duty. Get out and VOTE!

I ran across this picture recently and had to laugh. There's a story behind that grouse!!

The year was 1989 and my husband and I had driven up to Vermont for the wedding of our youngest daughter. We got out of the car and headed toward the door of the ski house where we would be staying and was immediately chased by this ruffled grouse. I guess it did not like Southerners tromping around on his Northern territory. After several attempts we did manage to get past it and inside. Crazy bird. In reality, it probably had a nest nearby but that bird has given us much to talk about for years.

I have a group of girlfriends here at the Commons and we get together every other Monday night. And, it can be a LATE night. We do love to talk!! 
Last night was no exception. 
There is a twenty year span from youngest to oldest so we have different views on things and different memories to share. 

Last night we played a game. We each wrote down 5 things that we didn't think the others knew about us. The slips of paper were folded and then drawn one by one and we'd try to guess who it pertained to. It was lots of fun and we found out a bunch of stuff we didn't know before.

The weather is getting cooler... down into the 30s last night. And, I am going to miss the beautiful flowers that bloom in warmer weather. Guess I will just have to rely on memories and photos to get me through til next spring.

Those were made on a trip to South Carolina my daughter and I took this past spring. 

Please join us at Wild Bird Wednesday.


  1. Crazy bird just about sums them up but they are brave too!

  2. We had frost here this morning, so the temperatures are dropping. Not a lot of flowers left her either.

  3. What a fun game that must have been!!!

  4. Getting lots cooler here, too
    Beautiful flowers!

  5. it is always good to have a nice group of girlfriends to spend time with!! pretty blooms!!!

  6. Oh, thanks for refreshing my mind about the grouse...I do remember hearing that before! :-) Lovely flowers from your trip. It's 70s and 80s here, but it's 60s where we are headed....at least for now. Hope it stays that way for the next three weeks! I love that write three things down game! Maybe I can get the girls at my going away lunch to do the same tomorrow! It sounds like fun. I was going to get them to write their name, address, email and phone number anyway, so I can keep in touch. I have most of their numbers, but not all their addresses and emails.


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