Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

My goodness, it's Friday already. Where did this week go?

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1. Today is Veteran's Day. Of course, my favorite veteran was my sweet, loving hubby of 60 years. He served 22 years in the Navy through both the Korean and Vietnam wars. I miss him today and every day and always will.

I want to share this picture of another veteran who was dear to me, my Uncle Davis (on the left). He fought in WWI. Top right is a V-mail I got from a friend of mine who was fighting in Europe in WWII when I was just a little thing. And, bottom right is a picture of my husband's grave.

2. I know that when I am an old woman.... hehe... I will get to a point where I can not drive anymore. I know that is coming. But, I am not finding it fun being without my car for over a week right now. I have places to go, things to see. Had a little fender bender and the old flivver is in the shop. Here is a photo of her when she was brand-new.

3. One of my gal-buddies here at the apartment complex recently went to Nebraska to visit her folks. And, she came back with gifts for me. Thanks, Susan! 

4. Now that the election is over, I am hoping everyone will settle down and stop acting like spoiled children. Somebody needs to put those rioters into a time out. 

5. This week's My Town Shootout features your comfort food for these cool fall nights. This is one of mine. Cheese-broccoli Soup. Yum.


  1. Nice post Latane, I'll be by for soup later today!

  2. a good 5 and a nice post for today. so nice to hear about your loving husband and your long marriage!! marriage did not happen at the church of my choice because the paths are not paved and my mother said she was not going to drag her dress through the dirt....
    she did not understand and would not allow the kind of wedding i wanted. casual, cute sun dress, CASUAL. i got married when i was 19 and at that age i still believed i had to do what my parents said. i was young and did not know. i had the wedding of her dreams not mine. a big regret but i was so young!!!

    1. Debbie, you go back to that little church in the woods and have your vows renewed. For you, sweetheart!!

  3. Wonderful tribute to Dad, Uncle Davis & your friend, Mom! Sorry you've been without the car...hope it's good as new when it returns! What a sweet friend, bringing you back some gifts from her trip! My going-away luncheon is today. Will tell you all about it later this weekend in a you!

  4.'s a shame it isn't hot weather...those little snowflake protesters would just melt! :-)

  5. A beautiful tribute for your husband and Uncle. Love the look of the soup, not one that I have ever tried.

  6. Can I have a bowl of your soup please?
    Life is really not a fun wizthout a car, I well know that, hope, you can use it still for a long time or find a young chauffeur.
    Happy Veterans Day
    (I've just reading a book about WWI)

  7. A beautiful post. Your uncle looks handsome in his uniform.

  8. Nice tribute for Veterans Day. I hope we can afford self-driving cars before our vision gets worse!

  9. Such a wonderful tribute.Your mosaic is beautiful with your uncle in it. He is so hansom.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. A huge thank you to your husband and Uncle Davis for their service; God bless them! I would lose my marbles if I had to go without a vehicle for a week....surely your itching to get out!
    The soup looks divine.

  11. i love the post about your veterans and that old letter is really neat. sorry about your car being in the shop, hope you get it back soon! what a sweet friend to bring you back gifts! oh that soup! wish i lived nearby! thank you for linking latane...hope your week is going well :)


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