Friday, November 25, 2016


Here's Friday's Five after Thanksgiving.

1. My 'Seat of Honor' in my daughter's kitchen. I watched all the dinner preparations while sipping a nice cold drink. 

2. I watched the little birds eating their Thanksgiving dinner, too

3. The table is set and ready for the mountains of food.

4. There were delectable desserts galore.

5. and fog hovering over the pond when I arrived back at my apartment.

Much to be thankful for. I am very blessed indeed.

I am linking with Willy Nilly Friday Five


  1. All looks beautiful and so nice that you celebrated with family.

  2. What a nice day! Lovely view out the dining room windows, but the view on the kitchen counter is lovely, too. =D

  3. Looks like you had an awesome day!


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