Friday, December 2, 2016

A Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood...

1. I have been so distressed over the fires in and around Gatlinburg. We often hear of fires out west but seldom of  large ones in the east, closer to home. My heart aches for the losses. 

We once had a family vacation in Gatlinburg...such fun. Here's a picture of some of the gang!

2. Everybody have their homes all decorated for Christmas? I love this time of the year. Here are a couple pictures of my decorations in my little apartment.

3. I get my car back from the repair/collision shop today!! Yippee. After 3 1/2 weeks I am ready for wheels.

4. "Is that my Mama?" Just a silly quote I thought of while viewing this photo.

5. One Christmas (a hundred years ago. hehe) I received this book from my aunt, who was a school teacher and thought I needed to learn to read. Well, actually it was about 78 years ago that I got it and you know what? I still have it!! 

Have a good one, blogging buddies!! 

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  1. Your Raggedy Ann book is a true treasure. I giggled at the "mama" image -- fun and clever. So sad about the fires. We are supposed to have nasty weather this weekend .. perfect for finishing up the decorating indoors. I'm looking forward to it! Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful decorations (here's still reconstruction mess and dirt) and what a big treasure is this onld book, connected with memories.
    Enjoy your weekend with the car again

  3. #1 rain is a wonderful things, sunny skies are overrated.
    #2 you're kidding, right?
    #3 3 1/2 weeks, what did they do?
    #4 one huge mama.
    #5 a treasure!

  4. Made a start today with decorating, your Christmas décor id looking beautiful. The book is a joy, a real delight.

  5. What a treasure to still have that!
    The decorations are lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  6. Hooray for getting that car back. I wonder where you'll go first?
    Your decorations are so pretty and cozy. This is a delightful time of year.
    When my kids were growing up my parents lived in TN. Gatlinburg was a regular stop on our visits. It is so heartbreaking to see what is happening there. My heart goes out to the people who are living through this.
    That book is a real treasure. I collected Raggedy Ann and Andy things as a child. While cleaning my attic recently the collection dwindled, but the books remain.

  7. Looking terrific over here with a very elegant header and sweet photos of your Christmas decor. I am still trying to decide if I want to haul down the village. Seeing yours reminds me that I should because it is one of the grands' favorite things. Made me laugh with your quip...Is that My Mama? Ha! What a sweet book to still have! Thank you for sharing a little of it with us. Yay for wheels!

  8. I have always love that Raggedy Ann book and am so glad you have it still It's such a treasure! Wow...that vacation in Gatlinburg was a good one. Seems like a hundred years ago!!! Praying for those people there, losing so much! Speaking of treasures, please look at and comment on my Treasures post from two weeks ago, around Thanksgiving. I don't have a single comment! Love your wonderful Christmas decorations too Mom. Really looks great! SOOO glad you got your car back! That's a relief! Love you! Got your email this morni9ng and will write you soon.

  9. That is an absolutely precious old book and I am so glad you kept it! I love my "old things" like that. I have some very dear to my heart old stuffed animals, dolls, books, etc. I do love the quote you put with your swan...ha ha ha PERFECT. LOL Your holiday decor looks very very pretty. Your tree is almost identical to ours, ha ha! I will have to show you a picture--we must have the same taste, lol. Anyway, it all looks lovely. I know....isn't is awful about Gatlinburg? Always been such a beautiful place, it's going to take alot of money and help and work to get that place livable again, and the loss of lives is just tragic, especially so close to the holidays. On my way to check out your other blog now...have y'all been to lunch lately?---I love the restaurant posts, they are fun! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  10. i love that you still have that book! wow, that is so special...we finished decorating this weekend, your house looks great! the fires in gatlinburg is heartbreaking...thank you for linking latane...hope you had a wonderful weekend :)


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