Friday, December 16, 2016

Baby it's Cold Outside.

The heron was standing in water waiting for his supper to swim by.     
                          Perfect picture for Reflections                                                  

                        And, this is my Willy Nilly Friday Five

1. If you think I am finished with my Christmas 'doings' you are wrong. I have a card and a small package sitting here waiting to be mailed to New York. I guess I think they are just going to walk out the door by themselves and walk all the way to their destination and be there on Christmas morning!! I suppose I better get at it.... but, it's cold outside and I don't want to!! 

2. I am getting into a 'bah humbug' sort of mood. At my age, I try to do too much and then I get overwhelmed and turn into an old scrooge. But, there are 20 people in my immediate family and that's a lot of gift buying, figuring out what to get, wrapping (Oh, I hate to wrap presents). Not to count a few gifts I buy for gift exchanges at events or for friends. It's just a lot on this nearly 83 year old. But, where do I cut back? Any ideas. 

3. I love my little live tree all decorated and filled with pretty lights.    Now, that is making me happy.

4. Baby it's cold outside.  19 degrees last night. Yes, I know that isn't as cold as some places but it's too cold for these old bones.

5. Prayers for my daughter Marie (at it's a Colorful World) as she and her husband move to Oregon in this awful storm moving across the country.  


  1. I wouldn't want to be moving in all this weather --- moving is hard enough as it is. Love your tree and I understand all about "old bones" and cold....

  2. Yes, praying that Marie's move goes well.

    My grandmother began purchasing lovely cards and putting a specific amount of cold hard cash (not much) in each. Then she included a specific note (brief) expressing her love. Guess what I treasure now?! Those wonderful notes. "Thank you for doing my hair and always coming to visit me." Special.

    So glad that you have not given up on your tree! (So many do.) There is a lot of cheer in a Christmas tree.

    Stay warm, Sweet Latane!

    1. my daughter, Shirley, suggested that very thing this morning. Next year should be easier.

  3. Hope all goes well for your daughter and husband as they travel through a storm. Photos are a nice gift of something that you have done together throughout the year. Take care.

  4. Sweet little Christmas tree and: I'm often put the gifts in colorful paper bags, that's easier than wrapping and they have so many nice bags in the store...
    Prayers and good luck for Marie's family and happy Christmas time

  5. Were are you living these day, it was 18 F here yesterday. Enjoy your Christmas Latane.

  6. Yes, it's been bone-chilling cold! Love that little tree!
    My siblings and I agreed some years back that we will not exchange gifts.

  7. Bless your heart! It's hard to keep up but you are doing GREAT for your age or ANY age!
    Merry Christmas from Texas!!! 70 degrees here tomorrow but dropping 50 degrees by tomorrow night!

  8. oh try to slow down a bit is such a busy time which makes it hard to enjoy it! i have to check marie's blog and see if she is getting settled in! thank you for linking and have a great week ahead!


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