Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saying hello ....

I am finally finished with my Christmas 'doings'. Presents all bought, wrapped, the tree decorated and lit, I say I'm doing alright.

My girlfriends and I had a get-together last night. We always have a blast and last night was no exception. It does make for a late night but who cares. We are old enough to not have curfew!
here are three of them... Marilyn isn't with us.

I suppose it's the sign of the times... but this weather is ridiculous. Sunday it was in the '70s, the next day it sleeted. My gosh. No wonder everyone is getting sick.

Now I don't want to be sick during the holidays, don't want to be sick anytime, but certainly not then. My son is coming up from Alabama for all the family Christmas stuff and then I am going home with him for awhile. It should be a wonderful visit.

For those of you who know my daughter Marie.... they arrived in Oregon safe and sound. She said she loved Bend, where their daughter lives... guess they hadn't been on out to their house which is about an hour away. Such a change for them... they have had such oppressive heat in Tucson and arrived at their new home with a foot of snow. It would be like stepping into one of those beautiful Christmas cards.

Sending my best wishes for all of you to have a very special week as we approach the day we celebrate our saviors birth...


  1. Sounds like all is well. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  3. so glad to hear what all you've been up to! Sounds like you are sure looking forward to that upcoming visit and I would be too! Enjoy! and take lots of pictures for us ok? Fun picture of you and your friends!

  4. Thank you for letting everyone know we got here safely. Oh, I just love you and your friends getting together and enjoying each other's company! It's wonderful, Mom. Really nice photo.

  5. It's so nice that you got together with your friends. And even better you got to go home with your son in Alabama. I've always wanted to visit there.


  6. Should have checked in sooner...are you still with your son? I'll keep reading. Nice that your daughter has safely arrived. I lived south of Tucson for a few years many years ago...yup...pretty hot! I am much happier at home in Maine and I hope that your daughter will be happy in her new corner as well. Happy New Year!


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