Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Town

I moved from a little town to a city that feels like a town spread out over lots of area. My town includes two towns really, Downtown Suffolk and North Suffolk, plus lots of farm land and country settings, housing developments and such. 

In 2014 Suffolk, Virginia had a population of 86,806 people. The city is the largest in Virginia (area wise) and the 14th largest in the U. S.

I live in Downtown Suffolk. It's an old town with lots of historical sights to see. Here are some.

This is the Visitor's Center. It once was the Courthouse. And, has stood in this spot since long before the Civil War.

Here is a very popular venue, First Lady of Suffolk. The Queen Anne Victorian mansion was built in 1907 and is host to weddings, parties, banquets and other event.

This is Mr. Peanut!! He is the symbol of Planter's Peanuts.  Mr. Obici moved from Italy to Pennsylvania where he built his own peanut roaster so he could sell peanuts in his cart. He and Patine Perizzi became partners and founded the Planters Peanut Co. in 1906. Obici and his wife came to Suffolk from Pa. in 1924 and Suffolk is known as the Peanut Capitol of the World. 

We have lots of lakes, rivers, swamps and marsh lands. This is Lake Prince. Nearby is the Great Dismal Swamp, a tourist attraction where you can go on boat tours, nature hiking tours and bird watching. 

Downtown Suffolk, Virginia.

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  1. Are Planters Peanuts less expensive in Suffolk Latane? Do they give discounts, haha!
    I have been to Suffolk, years ago, and recall that it's a lovely area of Virginia.

    Hopefully it's warmer there than Raleigh right now - our third below freezing night in a row, I fear no azaleas this spring!

  2. My great-grandmother had a Mr. Peanut salt shaker...maybe a pepper shaker, too. Anyway, I loved Mr. Peanut. He was/is just so cute! I am glad to know where he's living these days because I haven't seen him in years. 🤓

  3. I liked the little tour of your town! Looks like a sweet little place with lots of history---I would sure love it! I also am loving your new springy blog header---pretty! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

  4. I never knew that Suffolk was the home of Planters Peanuts. I remember getting peanuts from Planters in Atlantic City, NJ many years ago and still enjoy peanuts today. The First Lady of Suffolk house is a real showpiece!

  5. Oh Mom! Miss that all your shares!

  6. I love the photos of Suffolk. I don't think I've ever been there but one of our pastors had been there at one time. The Methodist Church used to move pastors every 4 years till they figured out it was getting very expensive to move that often.


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