Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Old Dead Tree

Recently I joined Alexandra Macvean's Sunday Sketches and am enjoying it so much.

Then, lo and behold, I discover that her husband, Michael, has his own meme Scribble Picnic.

                                                Yep, I want to join that one, too.

                                         Here is my first entry. The theme is trees.


  1. It looks like an old dead tree that I used to see hawks perch on near Tupelo, MS (until the tree came down in a storm)
    Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful sketch Latane, welcome to sp!

  3. Welcome to Scribble Picnic and I love your tree stretching up to the sky....HaHa I was looking for a panda bear on one of the branches. Lovely drawing.

    1. Just read your comment on my blog and got a laugh... I had to comment back.. I said..The tree was so bare... it needed a bear....haha...So glad you have joined us...know we are going to have some fun.

  4. Latane, dear blog friend, I'm thrilled to see you here - and with your artistic prowess you will be a great addition to Michael's weekly Scribble Picnic!

    Love your tree, even without their leafy dresses they are always stunning - hope to see you back here. I'll be missing for a couple of weeks, Sicily calls!
    Hugs - Mary

  5. so simple and yet the branches seems alive and ready to move, good take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  6. Welcome to the picnic, Latane! Nicely done on the tall, dead tree. One wonders how much longer it will stand, though it appears to have no problem for now.

  7. wonderful sketch,
    it has a zen like feeling for me.

  8. I love your perspective of this tree looking upward. Welcome to the picnic!

  9. Latane,
    It is so good to meet you. I should go and check out Alexandra's linkup. I love this sketch - you have just the right amount of shading - for those darks.

  10. Latane, welcome to SCRIBBLE PICNIC! thakn you so much for joining in and adding this lovely bare tree to our theme. It's well done and love the angle of it gogin off in to that negative space, the sky, as it were!

    Sorry that it;s taken me a wee while to get to this--super busy week-- but I always do visit everyone eventually and it was so fun to see you here! I get you too now!

    BTW, the new themes are up for the week, should you want to see those.

  11. So lovely to see you join Scribble Picnic, Latane! Welcome indeed!

    Your tree drawing is beautiful!


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