Monday, April 24, 2017

Last Fall's Trip to Alabama

It's Monday and a little hard to get my thoughts working with my willingness. There's more thoughts than willingness, I tell you. 

It's so dreary outside, rain, rain, rain. Guess the ducks don't mind but I am about ready for it to quit.

Back last Fall I visited my son in Alabama. Here are some pictures from my archives that I never posted. Hope you enjoy them.

Me with my son and son-in-law outside a restaurant

A water wheel outside the restaurant

I thought this was the most unusual salt and pepper shakers I'd ever seen.

It was fall and lots of colorful things to surround myself with. This was taken at Joe Wheeler Lodge at the state park there.

Huntsville, Alabama is the Space City where Redstone Arsenal is located.

You all have a wonderful week. Stay dry if it's raining where you are. I am sure gonna try.


  1. I loved getting to see pics of YOU! Spring has sprung in Texas! I do believe it arrived in a January! No flooding this year either, at least here. Your fall photos were a feast for my eyes! I love fall and as soon as it gets a hundred degrees here, I'll be counting down the days to September first! Wishing you a lovely week!

  2. Bet you have your summer trips planed, thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I love the water wheel!

  4. Oh is it raining here! I'm not sure I've ever seen three days of rain here. It hasn't stopped. I enjoyed visiting your blog, and it looks like you had a good visit with family.

  5. Oh goodness...what is up with all this rain? We have had so much, caught two days break and now we go right back into a week of rain. Ugh. After all, we've had enough down time lately.

    I enjoyed the photos looking back to Alabama and family time last fall.

  6. Wonderful photos Latane! I love that waterwheel and so cute are the salt and pepper shakers.
    Everyone looks like they are having a good time.
    Sorry about the rain. You can tell it to go visit Jan...I 💕 the ⛈☔

  7. What a delight to visit, such wonderful photos of your trip. We are having a lot of rain too.


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