Monday, April 3, 2017

One Barn, Three Angles

When I was small there were a lot of barns in my neighborhood. I used to climb into the loft of my Granddad's barn. It was a fun place to play. But, barns are harder to find now. I guess the small time farmer is waning and big commercial barns have taken over. It's always a treat to discover a barn on my travels. 

We were winding around a small mountain road near Roanoke, Virginia when there was this barn, sitting perched on a hillside hanging on for dear life. This is the same barn... three shots. 

Linking up with my friend, Tom, at Backroadstraveller for his Barn Collective. 


  1. Latane, I know what you are feeling!!! I, too, love old barns. It breaks my heart to see so few of them now! This is a beauty!!!


  2. ...the big boys are taking over the farm business in many area, but thankfully in this area we still have a mother lode of barns! Thanks Latane for stopping by, I hope that you will stay on the lookout for a barn of two!

  3. PBS had a special on Arkansas Barns. We enjoyed hearing the stories from some of original owners and family

  4. this is a real beauty...I always wonder when they are so close to the road, if the road was built after they were built.

  5. Really great barn, Mom! I love that pretty red. Odd that it's on the edge of a rise.

  6. That's a pretty little barn perched there that way. It reminds me of one locally. I often am surprised that far away places can almost look like home. You must find that, too.


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