Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dancing Shoes

I have felt the love and concern from so many of you during the loss of Leslie... and that gives me peace. Thank you for that!

For Sunday's Sketches I couldn't decide what I wanted to post. It was sort of like pulling a number out of a hat. I hope it's a winner!! 

Thank you Alexandra for providing us budding artists with a venue to show off our attempts. 

And, now, for the entry... let's see. Close my eyes, scan around my archive pictures.... and it is this!!

I did this with colored pencil and outlined it with a graphite pencil. Framed by Picmonkey.

 This is dedicated to all those little (and big) girls who strapped on toe shoes and danced their hearts out. 


  1. That's sweet! It would look lovely in a wee ballerina's room. I was once a wee ballerina. 😉

  2. That brought back some lovely memories.

  3. Thanks Latane for sharing a lovely sketch.

  4. Very pretty Mom! I'm glad you are doing so well! Love you! I will try to join in again as next week comes around.

  5. This is a beautiful sketch.

    All the best Jan

  6. Love this! I think it is a very elegant picture. You you are still very much in my thoughts Latane.

  7. Beautiful! Simple and elegant!


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