Friday, June 23, 2017

Memory Five

The calendar says it's Friday... so I guess it is. This week has gone by in a blur. But, here are my Friday Fives.

1. Losing someone you love is such a difficult thing to do. I said goodbye to my companion of 5 1/2 years on Monday. But, I have the promise that each day will get better. I do have all those wonderful memories to sustain me.

2. Wednesday I came down with vertigo. That threw me for a loop and is still making me a wee bit groggy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone... ever.

3. His family asked me what I wanted as a keepsake... I chose the 'commitment' ring I gave him. It was a signet ring (his choice). He had given me my birthstone for the same commitment. 

and a small statue of John Wayne. He did love watching John Wayne movies and had probably seen every single one John ever made... more than once. So that would remind me of him. It's sitting on my tv stand.

4. We discovered that he had saved every greeting card I had ever given him! There was quite a stack of them. Later, when the hurt has lessened, it will be great to look at them and read all the sentiments.

5. It's rainy looking today. And, my head still feels 'groggy' from being sick but I must get up and get moving. I have company coming in a couple days. That should lift my spirits. 

You all have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Latane, I know how much you are hurting now. Losing someone that close is so hard. Recently I found stacks of cards I had saved that people, including my dh, had sent me. Every time I read a card from him, tears flowed. It has been more than 3 1/2 years since his death. Time helps but not completely. The John Wayne figurine brought a smile. As a child I spent every Saturday night at a drive in movie watching ole JW shoot it out. My dad loved those movies and thought his daughters should love them too.

  2. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Despite the sadness of the subject matter, this is a lovely post which resonates with the love you felt and how lovely that he kept all the cards you ever gave him, I'm sure they will provide you with comfort in the days to come along with the other keepsakes you have.

  3. Loss of a loved one is so hard. I am glad you have wonderful memories to help you cope.

  4. I love the ring and John Wayne statue both of which will bring back lovely memories of the good times you shared - and am glad the family were thoughtful toward you. The cards will be hard to read but you can wait a while on them.

    Vertigo is definitely not fun - be well soon.
    Mary x

  5. Excellent choices! I have had bouts of vertigo and, you are right, it is no fun. Praying for health and ongoing comfort. He loved you; you loved him. Love is a beautiful thing. Don't push yourself too hard...

  6. Dear Latane, I was saddened to read about Leslie's passing. It's hard to lose a special friend and you two certainly shared many happy times together. It was very sweet of his family to let you have your choice of things to remember him. I hope that you will be feeling better by the time your company arrives because there's nothing like having friends and family around now.

  7. This was a very sweet Five...So lovely to have the remembrances you have of Leslie. And that they played Gunsmoke theme as everyone left the funeral too. That was also his favorite. But, the family gave you the things they did, including the John Wayne statue. The cards will be sad and sweet to read over one day. The rings are so special, and your photograph of them is lovely. Hang in there, as you slowly heal over time. And I sure hope the vertigo is over!!!!

  8. oh latane, i am so very sorry over the loss of your leslie...i enjoyed reading of your outings together...i pray for peace and healing and also that your vertigo goes much on your plate right now...i think the keepsakes you picked are very thoughtful ones...hugs and prayers to you...

  9. Sweet mementoes of your time with Leslie. I am so sorry for your loss Latane.

  10. Oh so sorry to hear that you had Vertigo, I've heard that it is not pleasant to deal with. - Also again I am sorry for the loss of your companion. Your keepsakes will be a wonderful reminder of the love/friendship you both had.


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