Monday, July 31, 2017

An Old Cotton Gin

I grew up in 'the land of cotton, ole times there are ne'er forgotten' (song "Dixieland"). In my early years before school age I played along the cotton rows while my aunts, uncles and Mom picked cotton. They even made me a sack to hang over my shoulder and I'd shove a handful of the white bolls in ever now and then. 

For Tom's Treasures I want to share a couple pictures I made last year when I was visiting my son in Alabama. He took me for a drive and we discovered this old, abandoned cotton gin. Now, that is a real treasure! 

I liked seeing the building and the machinery but my favorite part was these bales of cotton sitting against the building, just going to waste. 


  1. Quite a find and I also like the rust!

  2. Oh my! What an important thing to see! A real part of history. Too bad those cotton bales are just sitting there. Very cool post.

  3. I wonder what happened that those bales were left.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos of a time past!

  5. very cool!! i tried to envision how the equipment looked in it's hay day!!!


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