Friday, September 15, 2017

A Visit Most Anticipated

#1 I am excited today. My daughter, Marie, is coming to visit. It's been way too long. So, I am looking forward for us catching up and enjoying our time together. 

this picture was taken on a Mother's Day outing in 2011, the last visit we had together. Then she moved clear across the country!!

#2. I got sick Tuesday with a severe sinus infection, head hurting the worse it has ever hurt so it really upset me that it was going to spoil our mother/daughter time together. But, let me tell you.... Predisone is a wonder drug. I am fine, back to normal and ready to go to the airport today to pick her up. 

#3. In 1996 we girls went to Ireland together. That was one of our most favorite times together. It's a trip we'll never forget.

There we are in an Irish pub, having a barrel of fun.

#4. Here she is dancing with her Dad. That was a special time.

#5. Mom and daughter at Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. How wonderful! Enjoy your visit with your daughter. Glad you are feeling better and can enjoy her visit. Have fun!!!!!!!!

  2. Such wonderful memories you have shared with us. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter and create lots more of cherished memories.

  3. Oh the anticipation! Glad that you are feeling so much better and ready for a good time with your beautiful daughter. 🤗

  4. Hi Latane! Oh I hope you stay pain-free...I remember sinus infections and I had a fully swollen face at the worst of it. You all look so happy in your photos! Lucky you that you visited Ireland! :)

  5. I've just visited "A Colrful World" and now I see you both here.
    Have a famous time together

    I have a cronical sinusitis (from different allergies) and got Predisone too, last week. I hope, I must use it not for the rest of my life and try a natural way now.

  6. Oh so happy to hear you beat that Sinus crap - So not fun. - Enjoyed your photos of your daughter and family. Hope you have a super wonderful visit.

  7. ...I hope that the two of you have a blast.

  8. Have a wonderful time together!

  9. Mother-daughter time is fun to plan and I hope you have a wonderful visit together. Great photos of your memories.

  10. mother/daughter times are wonderful....I have had a few with both my mum AND my daughter

  11. How special, that's a lot of fun to catch up in person after all this time! Good job you found a wonder drug, so you will be on top form for the long awaited for reunion!
    Wren x

  12. I hope you have a magical time with your daughter during her visit, family is so important :)

    Thnks for joining in with Five on Friday, wishing you a wonderful week x


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