Thursday, October 12, 2017


I started attending a watercolor class last Thursday. I thought my background was pretty good... then it was time to go home.

And, I once again, overworked my painting. When will I learn. I wanted the foliage around the bird to be sort of 'invisible'. Well, it really is NOT. But, I am learning. So, I am hanging in there. 

Here is another chickadee that I had done earlier, some weeks ago. 

Hope all of you are having a lovely Paint Party Friday. I am going out of town so probably won't connect this until later. Maybe Sat. or Sun. if it is still open then. 


  1. Very nice! I envy you that class....=)

  2. Lovely, like Maggie I am a tad envious of your class I would love to learn to paint.

  3. Love the song of a chickadee. You've captured them well in both paintings.
    We are home from a big trip to Scotland. I have lots of photos to share on my blog.

  4. Your bird details are so much better in the second. I wish I could take a class from Liz Powley on Paint Party Friday! Check out her wren painting this week! We'll both get better if we keep at it.

  5. Your chickadees are gorgeous! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Sweet bird paintings.
    Happy PPF ❤

  7. Oh these are are way too hard on yourself!! I didn't even notice the foliage until you mentioned it...I was focused on the bird and flower!! Both are wonderful!!

    Peace Giggles

  8. I think your watercolor birds are beautifully painted, Latane. Hope you enjoy the class as much as I enjoy my watercolor class. Please help your daughter to get rid of Google+. I have seen several comments alluding to the fact they can't get on her blog due to the Google+ thing. I know some have Google+ but have it set up so they also have a link to their blog. I don't know how it's done. Linda are Brown Paper Bunny examples. Maybe she can ask them for help if she wants to keep both Google+ and blogspot.

    1. My laptop has the "crazy jumping cursor" syndrome and corrupted my next to last sentence. It should read: Linda and Brown Paper Bunny are examples.

  9. I would have never known any part of your paintings were overworked. They are both lovely.


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