Friday, January 11, 2019

The Homestead

                           I could not believe it... such a wonderful place to spend my birthday.

                                         We paused to take our picture at the entrance.

Susan had gotten us a suite...

I have awaiting  my arrival a huge welcome/happy birthday basket. Look at all those goodies!!

We start exploring. On display at one end of that long Grand Hall was a Christmas tree.

And, we find the shops! Didn't buy much but it was lovely to look at.

That's my Friday Five with Tom. Check out the other entries on his blog.

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  1. Now that's celebrating in style! Happy Birthday!

  2. What a marvelous way to celebrate!
    Everything is so beautiful!

  3. Fabulous! I know you all had a great time celebrating another special birthday - as they ALL are at our ages, right!
    Lovely daughters who definitely know what their delightful mom enjoys.
    Hugs to you all - Mary

  4. Wow, what a wonderful way to spend your Birthday, amazing!

  5. happy birthday girlfriend, what a special way to spend it!!! such a beautiful place and wonderful company, lucky you!! that christmas tree is gorgeous!!!

  6. Beautiful & fresh green and white photos...

  7. Ohhhh...looks like such fun with your girls!

  8. This is glorious! Happy birthday, lovely lady!

  9. That’s a wonderful and fun way to spend your birthday.

    My husbands birthday is Jan. 3.

  10. That looks like a lovely place to spend your birthday.

  11. What a delicious birthday basket in such a fine place to spend your birthday. I have yet to spend a night here but would love too. I stayed at the Inn at Gristmill Square not far at all from here and I love this area.

  12. The shops sure look like fun for looking! And loved that welcome basket. What a great place to stay for your birthday surprise!


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