Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole

Life has many ups and down. I've had a lot of ups and then I've had my downs. I was walking along minding my life the best way I knew how and all of a sudden I fell down a rabbit hole.... and it has been very deep.

You wonder why the rabbit hole thing? I am 77 years old and I had never read 'Alice In Wonderland' until last month. The free downloading on Kindle had everything to do with me finally finding out all about Alice and her adventures. I sort of related what happened to her to my life, you know, all those fun things, strange characters, excitement and terror... and not knowing what the next moment would bring.

Those of you who have followed my blogs and you know my life has been full of falling for some years. I believe that I am about to find the Wonderland of Alice's book. What surprises lie ahead? What fun I might have? What sadness may come my way? I may even take time to have tea with the Mad Hatter. So come along with me as I tell the tale of my own Wonderland (past and present).

In a short period of time I will be discontinuing both of the blogs listed above so that they may be combined to relate the life of me in this new adventure. I'd love it if you would leave a comment. I will know then that you are sharing in my journey and, it gives me an opportunity to share in yours.

Have a good day.... oh pardon me, I must run. I think I see something exciting ahead of me. Will let you know what it is when I check it out.


  1. I love the name and the concept of your new blog..... a new beginning of sorts. I've grown to love and respect you, so I'll be following along on your next journey.

    I've never read Alice in Wonderland..... I have a Kindle..... I'll download it, especially since it's free.

  2. Mom - I am so glad that you read Alice in Wonderland. You helped open my eyes to books and I am glad I could reciprocate a little.

    Remember those nights, you reading to me and me drawing at the foot of your bed. I loved it! Guess I still would.

  3. Oh, Michael. Those were precious times and I loved reading to you.... and yes, I'd do it again. I've always loved to read and with that Kindle I am reading constantly now. 15 books since Christmas. I'm reading 'Water For Elephants' right now. Thank you for my gift.

  4. Thanks for stopping in Dolores. I wouldn't want to lose our friendship for anything. I have felt a connection to you since day one and hope that our friendship will grow and grow. You are in my prayers constantly and I think you are one courageous woman.

  5. Oh Latane, your sense of humour has come back and is shining through, of course I would follow your new blog!You have Alice's sense of curiosity too and will always want to see what is on the other side of the looking glass.You have been an inspiration to so many dealing with Elbert's illness and I know you will continue to inspire as you face a new beginning.
    Have a lovely Easter.

  6. Wow! I think you made the perfect decision. I can tell you are feeling so much better...I can tell in your words. You have been through so much it is time to widen your horizons and have some fun. I know you love to write ...and we all love to read. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to your next post and reading about all of your new adventures.

    Bless you...

  7. Congratulations on your new blog, Latane! It's a great idea and a big step forward after what you've been through for the past few years. I'll be following!

  8. Latane, What a grand idea to began a new blog. Spring is here and new beginnings are everywhere. I don't often leave a note, but read your blog all the time. Have a Blessed Easter.

  9. How wonderful your new blog is!!!! I am looking forward to all your adventures in the future! What fun you will have. I will be back. Antique Rose

  10. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland remains one of my favorite childhood reads. It has a special place in my heart, and I am thrilled to know that it has found a place in yours too. Wherever this journey takes you (there are many wonderful places to go!) I look forward to sharing them with you. God bless!

  11. I read Alice in Wonderland for class in 6th grade. I loved it.

    I am continuing to follow you, wherever you go . . . . :-)



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