Friday, April 22, 2011


(sniff) (sniff) hmmmmm.... (sniff) (sniff). I smell something good. So, I follow my nose to Shirley Anne's Bake Shop next door. It's her 30th Easter Open House Sale and the aroma of chocolate, pecans, fudge and sugar cookies is in the air.

Shirley Anne is my daughter #2 so I just walk in the door and breathe in the smells. I gain 5 lbs. just on the scent alone. Gee, don't you need a taste tester, I ask?  Nope, she said. Oh shucks. Well, just let me catch you with your back turned..... ha ha....

All week I have spent some time each day with ribbon cutting, constructing boxes, putting pecans on carrot cakes. The house is abuzz with activity and the chick cookies are hatching in the oven. All 1, 663 of them.

Those Mother hens must be tired. Oh, I forgot it's just sugar, and butter and flour, no hens involved. What was I thinking? chicks... mother hens....

There's 287 large egg cookies with names written on them. And, fudge.... son in law John is a master at that fudge. He gives us girls a bag to nibble on.... oh yum. Another 5 lbs. Oh Dear.

My days at decorating are over so I get the best job in the house. I get to feed great-grandson Dylan and rock him to sleep. Forget that sugary stuff in the kitchen. I've got all the sugar I want right in my arms. Isn't he a doll?

The week winds down and the cakes are in the oven. 10 sheet cakes, a dozen carrot cakes and a dozen stump cakes (that's chocolate decorated like a tree stump with easter eggs and grass and a bunny on top). 

The family sits down to dinner and there come two rabbits scampering across the lawn. I bet you anything those bunnies are headed to Shirley Anne's Bake Shop.


  1. Hi Latane, Shirley's house is a hive of activity and of course you are in the middle of it and enjoyng every minute!
    Have a lovely Easter, not too much chocolate now mind.
    I love the new blog layout and bunnies.

  2. Well, I love your new blog! I also loved your other one too. Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Easter!

  3. Congartulations on your new out look of life and thanks for inviting me to follow you down the Rabbit hole.

  4. What glorious pictures! And your little Dylan sure is a doll! All a great grandma needs for Easter...well, a little chocolate would be fine...don't ya think?

    Happy Easter.

  5. Wow! What a busy weekend in your neighborhood! That Dylan is a cutie! He is lucky to have you.

  6. What delicious looking goodies! It wouldn't do for that shop to be next door to me!! Pretty soon I would be too big to get in the door! Nice new blog!

  7. Oh my goodness.... that's the sweetest picture of you and Dylan, he's so adorable.....I see a lot of love between you two!!!

    The chocolate dessert looks so delicious and pretty too...


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