Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sliding down that rabbit hole.... headed north on I95. It's graduation day for GS Griffin. How exciting.

Thursday night we arrived in Suffield, Ct. in time for dinner in the cafeteria. I got a big hug from Griffin.

Dinner was followed by the baccalaureate service at the Second Baptist Church.
When the baccalaureate services were over, the college staff formed a receiving line and each graduate shook hands with those who had led them through their high school years.

 Of course, Griffin was holding up the line because he was so excited he stopped to chat and hug, not only just shake hands.

The Graduation ceremony was at 10:30 Friday morning, so we hurried to the brunch they were serving, then out onto the expansive lawn where it all would take place.

 A bagpiper led the line of graduates to their seats. The guys were in navy blazers, white shirts and the Suffield orange ties (orange is the school color), a white boutoniere in their lapels. And, pants, of course! The girls wore white dresses and carried a single rose.

We all, including Griffin, were surprised when they presented him with the Allen H. Fuller Prize for Theatre Arts. His interest lies in acting, writing and other theatre fields.

The ceremony was concluded by each graduate ringing the bell the number of years each had attended Suffield Academy.

Griffin and his Mom.....


  1. Congratulations to your grandson.... a wonderful honor!

    Such a sweet picture of you and your grandson!
    He's so handsome.... and your daughter....so pretty!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time...

    I love the sound of bagpipes....

  2. Congrats. He is a nice looking young man.

  3. And Susan wore orange! How great! Ther pictures are just wonderful...it sounds like such a great celebration of this important milestone. Look at that handsome boy! Well, man....bless him! I am so happy he won that theatre award from the school well.


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