Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Them Dang cookies.

Remember when Alice (of Wonderland fame) was trying to find a cookie that would make her the right size?

Well, I have a suspicion that 'cookies' are giving me a fit right now. I can't sign in to my Google account. When I click on sign in  all that pops up is my dashboard. I can do posts. But, I understand that some of you are having trouble commenting on my posts.

And, I can't comment on anyone else's blog posts. I am so upset.  It says I am anonymous. I am not Anonymous. My name is Latane!!!

I went into my computer settings and made sure I enabled the third party cookies. That should have fixed it. Nada.

I went into my blog settings and checked out everything. Seems fine.

Any of you have any ideas how to fix this. Oh, yes, I went into blogger help. NO HELP. Wish there was a real person I could call but you know you never get 'real people' anymore to help out.

This all happened while I was at my grandson's graduation. What a mess to come home to.


  1. YOU MY NOT GET THIS BUT ANY WAY, I can only comment on other's post if I am anonymous.
    Blogger say they know about the problem.
    Patsy at The Smith's Bennie and Patsy

  2. It may not be your computer...etc..., so many of us are having trouble with Google/our blogger accounts.
    I lost all my followers for several days, and then they magically appeared again.

    I agree, I wish there was a 'real person' to talk with ....

  3. Ahhhhh! It got you Toooo!!
    I have been fighting this for a WEEK! Today, I seem to be leaving comments everywhere I've gone...SO FAR! I DID leave a complaint and 13 other people found my complaint on Blogger and added theirs to mine!Hahaa
    We'll see...I just gave one seemed to be listening but They Know About It!

  4. I lost some stuff on my blog but it came back . Some of it. And some people have been losing blogs altogether. I don't know whats up and don'tknow what to do. But love the new blog. Hope all is well with you.

  5. Go to your sign in and uncheck keep me signed in. It worked for me. Try it and see.


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