Saturday, June 18, 2011


When I started this blog I said I was going to be sharing some new adventures with you. Well, I really haven't had any. Just sitting here, minding my own business, do the same old, same old every day. I get sooooo

I don't get out and drive much by myself. Scaredy Cat... I guess. I can find a kazillion excuses to stay home. I might have a flat, ( I have road assistance) - I might get lost (I have a GPS) - heavy traffic makes me nervous (that is true but I could find some place to go with less traffic) etc, etc, etc.

It's not as if I haven't tried some interesting and fun NEW things to do in my lifetime. I think I will share a few of those with you. 

I've never been a 'sports person'.  As a child I sat and colored in my coloring books or played with paper dolls. In junior high school while the class was busy playing volley ball, a friend and I sat under a tree and made necklaces out of clover blossoms. (My first 'crafty' thing to do). My high school activity was marching in the school band for football games (not too streneous although blowing that trombone took at lot of air). At 18 I started having babies and chasing kids... does that qualify as a 'sport'??

I did go to Gold's Gym after our children were grown but hurt my back and quit.

Oh, I tried my hand at some of those 'get up and move' things but my interest never lasted long.
I did try tennis in high school.... sort of.... and then years later was introduced to it again when the grandchildren played. DD Shirley caught me mid-air with one shot...

We didn't have horses when I was a teen but I did ride one once... A guy, who had his eye on me, rode his horse over to our house to 'hang out' and he persuaded me to climb into the saddle. No instructions. As I went lumbering off down the road astride that horse's back my Mom said the guy commented 'watch her bounce'.  That was the end of my horseback riding. He didn't come around anymore. Guess he figured that if I couldn't ride a horse I wasn't of much use.

I did ride a little after we got our DD Susan a horse. Wonder if I ever quit 'bouncing!!'

I tried my hand at bowling... once. Look at that form!!!

Does this paint a picture?  I try something and don't stick with it, if it includes work. he he.

to be continued.


  1. Hi Latane...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Peggy from "Organic Growing Pains" (Ireland) suggested I stop by and visit you. I'm very happy I did. I read your current post and LOL because it sounds very similar to me. Especially the driving thing! Have a good day...hugs, Theanne

  2. Hahahaa....sound like ME!!
    Love the photos Latane! The Better to Know You...
    PS- You could always go ride to see if you still DO bounce...Hahaaaa....Cute post!

  3. Hey sweet friend.... I'm thinking the more we stay at home the harder it is to get out and do "something".....

    You sound just like me..... I've done a little bit of a lot of things, but haven't been a master of much.

    Being a good wife and mother..... you and I did right..... and that's all that really matters...

    I love the pictures... thanks for sharing!

  4. Your new blog is a treat for the eyes and I really enjoyed your post! I too was a 'paper-doll' girl growning up, plus... a wall flower. I was the oldest of 4 and the permanent baby sitter. And I too make excuses not to drive. Those flat tires do Thanks for visiting my blog and Leaving a comment. Its getting late here, and I feel like I've been in slow motion all day, time for a good rest.


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