Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Tries at Adventure

In my last post I attempted to tell you that I've been one active person all my life. NOT. Don't let me kid you!! For many years I was a very crafty person with glue up to the elbows, bits of string and ribbon in my hair, buttons, shells and other interesting things all lined up in jars galore!! I made about anything and everything as long as I used my hands. I sure SAT a lot. Then came quilting. More sitting. I wasn't out hitting a tennis ball, making a strike (hehe) in bowling or sitting astride a horses saddle.
But, I did try, At least you could give me that.

I thought fishing would be a lot of fun. Nice quiet ride on a smooth lake, keeping an eye on my pole to see if I got a bite. Forgot I'd have to bait the hook. I am one squeemish gal. I would place the worm on a rock or the boat seat and hold it still with one finger, very gingerly I might add, while I threaded the hook through that worms body. YUCK. But, I did catch a fish!! I am so proud of myself.  Hubby looks proud, too. Or maybe he is laughing at the thought of me baiting my next  hook!!

I do NOT like heights... I mean really!! No kidding. I get dizzy just looking at a tall building but I rode this 150 foot tall ferris wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago. That is one tall ferris wheel. They only take you around once. I was just getting adjusted to it and enjoying the Chicago skyline when the thing stops and we have to get off. No fair.

I once tried my hand at fooz ball. Grandson Ken was my able teacher but it just wasn't my thing!

Two or three years ago I decided I wanted to ride a monster truck. So, went down to the county fair and climbed aboard and took a spin in that thing. I think I am getting a little more daring the older I get. Well, what the heck. Don't have a lot of time to waste trying out new things. Maybe another 10-15 years. Reckon I will get all those things on my bucket list done? Nah.  Wonder what I will try next.


  1. That's the sweetest and cutest picture of you and Elbert and your fish. I think he looks very proud of his wife !

    Such a cute post. You've done a lot of fun things.....keep it up.

  2. Latane, I bet you've have more adventures in your life than most of us!!! I like the fishing picture, too!

  3. Hi Latane, you have tried a lot of things never mind if you did not stay with it you tried! I have never been the sporty type either and certainly have not tried my hand at as many things as you have. Lovely pic of you and Elbert and that fish, he was certainly proud of you knowing how squeamish you were!

  4. I have NO idea but if You do it it will be FUN!!Hahaa
    Can't wait for photos!

  5. You seem to have a lot of adventures! and that makes for fun. =)


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