Friday, June 3, 2011

A Plant Buying Excursion

Yes, it's hot... it's summertime. Plants should have been in the ground long before now but after that first spurt of purchasing and planting I got busy with other things. Then, I saw 'holes' in my flower gardens. Not holes as 'minus dirt, dug up' holes but vacant spots where no flowers grew. That was sad. I wanted my life filled with growing things, with color, bright beautiful color. So, DD Shirley and I went shopping this morning.

Most of the pots were placed under a shady tree to await my hoe and energy!!

I'm finding that the energy level for digging isn't what it used to be, not at my age anyway. And, it doesn't help one bit that the flower bed under my kitchen window is filled with tiny maple roots that is impossible to break through. The maple tree was there when we moved in...

I planted caladiums in the bed in front of the garage along with the coral bells that were already there. I thought for sure that the caladiums would come back up this spring and sure enough, when I dug into the soil to plant the new plants... there were the bulbs from last year. Slow little buggars, aren't they?

I put the veronica

 in that kitchen bed near the rudbeckia that is trying to pop open.

 I'll add the purplely looking coleus tomorrow.


  1. Well, You're a lot more busy in this heat than I am Girl!
    They're Beautiful!
    Happy weekend!!

  2. Looking good there, Mom! I am so glad you posted these pics!

  3. Hi there,
    Guess you are still on your trip. Let me know when you get there. I am doing well and enjoying the yard. It's not been so hot that I can't get out and do things. Love you

  4. Your flowers are so pretty! Digging in the dirt and watering flowers ......for so much fun and good therapy. I bet it is for you too.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Blogger will not let me comment on your quilt blog so I can say here I like the green and it will make a lovely quilt.
    That blue flower looks like one I have. Happy planting.

  6. Love the flowers. I admire your long marriage. Tomorrow is our 40yr anniversary ....we have been thru cancer with hubby since 2000 on and off. Having another scare now.

  7. I think your flowers are so pretty. You are way to busy in this heat. Be careful. It is upper 90 here. I am staying inside. Might go shopping later might not. LOL!


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