Monday, June 20, 2011

Rabbit Hole Invasion

As I chase that white rabbit down the rabbit hole in search of a new life, a new me, I suddenly discover that there is an invasion in MY rabbit hole. A not so young couple, Roscoe and Betsy,  have taken over my space, invaded my privacy. That's not nice so I sneaked up on them last night and listened to them talking.

Betsy: Roscoe, I've had a rough day, hopping all over Mr. D's garden next door trying to find me something to eat. I think I will rest here on this cool green grass for a moment. You don't think Mrs. B. will object, do you?

Roscoe: I don't know, Betsy. I heard her say just yesterday that she's 'finding herself'. Rcckon she is lost here in this part of the yard?

Betsy: Sometimes I see her tiptoeing about those rose bushes over there. Pretty roses, Roscoe. Why is it you never bring me any roses?

Roscoe: You don't eat roses, silly. I gather grass and leaves for you to munch on and it's never enough. What's wrong with you!! (turning away)  WOMEN!!!!

Betsy: Oh, Roscoe, I hear footsteps. Quick, let's hide in here. Ms. B. will never find us there.

For over two hours I watched those two rabbits enjoying my back yard. MY rabbit hole?  Guess I will have to share it with Roscoe and Betsy.


  1. That is so cute, we are sharing our garden again this year with a mother rabbit she had her babys under the Coral Bell plant this time next to the rosemary bush.

  2. Hi Latane, that post brought a smile to my face! Lewis Carroll would be proud of it.

  3. Hahahaaa....oh how cute!!
    You must have a Great backyard!!

  4. Your back yard looks like a park....your rabbits are delightful!
    Cute story..

  5. This is so cute!! I saw a rabbit in my yard the other day and thought of YOU!!!!


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