Tuesday, June 7, 2011


How many words that start with the letter 'S' can you think of that would be an adjective for the word SOLITUDE?

Sad, perhaps or Sorrowful? Some people may think that solitude would make you sad, that you would need people around you. I think my children, at least some of them, think that I did not need to be alone after I lost their father.

But, think about other words:

Subdued  (to quieten, bring under control) My life needs to be quiet after years of caregiving.
Submissive (to yield or surrend) I need to surrend to the grief process and let it travel it's course
Sunny (cheerful) I do know that sunshine is just around the corner. I catch glimpses of it now and then.
Superb (of unusual quality)  I like who I am so I am very comfortable with ME for company.

Oh, there are lots of ways to describe solitude.

I find such peace in my solitude, a time to sit in my swing and listen to the birds sing and watch my flowers grow. That is a sign that life goes on.

I enjoy the quiet of my home. The time to sit and reflect, to think and plan and remember. As I often sit at the little table in my sunroom watching the traffic pass by, I know that life is moving along at the rate it always has but the windows are a barrier to keep the trials and stresses of everyday living as far away from me as possible. I need that shield right now.

I listen to Beethoven's piano concertos or Mozart's symphonies and let the music flow through my body, soothing at times, with crescendos rising here and there to awaken my sensibilites.

I like the hum of my sewing machine set to the rhythm of classical music over the radio. It gives me that comfort of things familiar.

And, yet. I can walk away, go sit in my swing, listen to the birds, watch people passing by and know  peace.


  1. I'm glad you're finding your Own path to travel Latane....

  2. Beautiful poetic post Latane.
    It so speaks to me ..resonates accross the ocean with what I know I too value and need and find comfort and strength in: the space, the solace for the soul,sounds and the gentle soothing of 'small things'Strangely powerful in difficult times. Time out or standing still.With your words and equally your pictures you have shared a private world, often unspoken with like-minded others. So thank you. This moved me, Chris

  3. Wonderful heart felt post.

  4. Oh Latane, this is such a sweet and poignant post.
    It's been obvious to me that your a very strong, resourceful and very loving person who is comfortable with yourself.

    I can certainly understand about your needing and enjoying solitude....you were a loving care giver to your beloved husband for so many years. Now it's your turn to do as you please.

  5. Great post. Your are PERFECT. Glad things are going good for you. I don't mind being alone. I don't even mind going to the movies or out to eat alone. I would not mind being on the beach alone right now. What a pretty picture. I Love the beach.

  6. Hi Latane, a lovely post and it is just as important for anyone to take time to listen to the silence and enjoy the solitude.We live in a very fast moving world and being alone is something a lot of people are afraid of instead of like you, allowing it to ease their soul.

  7. Trying this comment again to see if it works.

  8. Yes, it did!!!! I'll be back later!

  9. I LOVED this post. Full of peace. I have been going through something in my life and I am learning to finally think of "me" for a change. We are taught to always give to others and do for others and that is good but then there comes a time when you have to think of YOU.


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