Friday, June 10, 2011

A Tail/Tale about Squirrels

We have squirrels in our yard. Not a lot but some, enough to have kept us entertained for several years. When we bought the house those squirrels acted like they owned the place but then decided that we all would co-enhabit. We appreciate their kindness and good will and promise to let them bury their nuts in our yard and come back to dig the food up when needed.

We have birds, too so it wasn't long after we moved in that SIL John made Elbert a large 3 story bird feeder which was hung from a limb of the maple tree just outside our kitchen door. The squirrels, property owners that they were, decided that the bird feeder was their. So, they'd climb up the side of the garage, leap onto the maple limb and walk out to nibble away at the goodies.

One day Elbert was standing at the back door and all he could see was the tail of a squirrel hanging down on the other side of the feeder. Seems Mr. Squirrel was enjoying a meal at the cafe on level two of the feeder. Elbert was the kind of guy that loved fun. He was always telling jokes, laughing at his own jokes, whistling, just having the time of his life. So..... Elbert eased the door open and crept down the walk and reached up and grabbed that squirrels tail.

Oh, my lordy. That squirrel about had a fit. He leaped so high that he left half his tail hairs in Elbert's hand. He made one big splash from feeder to garage roof, took the roof in two big jumps and was gone. Oh, if I had only had a video camera handy. But, all we have are the memories of that squirrel running for dear life and the sound of Elbert laughing so hard he was crying.

For years Elbert would tell that story and he would laugh and laugh. Sorry, Mr. Squirrel, if you got scared out of ten years of your life. You added that much more to ours.


  1. That is so funny!!! But, seriously, he was lucky that the squirrel didn't bite him!!!

  2. Through your beautiful, funny and sweet post about Elbert, I feel as though I've known him. Such sweet and funny memories.....I feel as though I can almost hear him whistling and laughing.
    God is so good !!!
    Sure glad the squirrel didn't bite him.

  3. That story is hilarious!!! I LOVE it! We have a lot of squirrels this year too. They have even got in to some of my plants!!! It is a wonder that he didn't get scratched or bitten.

  4. LOL! I can just see it. We have squirrels too. We finally bought a squirrel proof bird feeder so that the birds would have some seed.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back again.

  5. What a Hoot! He sounded like a Wonderful man Latane!
    I can "see" the squirrels Exiting the scene!Hahaaaaa

  6. We have sqirrels too. We had one that would come right up to me and eat what ever I had laid by my feet. If I left the door open and put food near it he would come in and get the food take a look round and back out he went. He is gone now . I miss him. But they won't let me plant a garden . They think I planted for them and eat everything.
    The story about Elbert and grabbing the tail is so funny .What a great memory and story.

  7. Great story of Elbert and the Squirrel. The Bennie feeds them ,some time we have nine or ten eating. The babys or out of the nest now.

  8. Very cute story and a wonderful memory for you. We have just a few squirrels around here but the c rows sure do chase them off or perhaps want to catch one for dinner.


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