Saturday, July 30, 2011


One week ago I was high in the sky.  As I sat by the window of the plane I was watching the clouds float by

 I mentioned to my seat partner that I thought it was amazing that a clump of moisture could hang in the air like that. I bet that she thought I was the most stupid nitwit, saying something like that to a stranger. Well, it's lighter than air or it couldn't stay afloat and I wanted to share that little bit of info with someone.

First there were fluffy white clouds drifting by, then they became more dense,

finally moving into our path and then enveloped us. This is what you see when you are inside a cloud!! Nothing!!

Yes, the clouds are just moisture but look at the shadows they make on the ground.

Have you ever, as a child, chased cloud shadows or named interesting shapes that clouds make? 


  1. I love clouds, love gazing at them, taking pictures of them, finding shapes and faces in them! What beautiful pictures! I hope your trip was as enjoyable and relaxing as you'd envisioned.

  2. Well if I had been on the airplane with you we would have talked about the clouds the whole time!! I love to look at them with the Grands and find faces in them!

  3. 12yr old Grandson and I look all the time. A couple of weeks ago we found Patrick (of SpongeBob SquarePants fame). I Swear Grandson William got his ticklebox turned over and laughed the rest of the way home!Hahaaaa
    Such fun!

  4. What an interesting post! I love clouds. They surely show the power of God to create beauty. Great pictures...I enjoyed seeing them.


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