Tuesday, August 2, 2011

gourds and jelly

There's no telling what you will find in a country market. Michael had already discovered this one on Rte. 75 (Nebraska) and wanted to pick up some more of the great apple sausage he'd bought there before. 

Shucks, they were out of apple sausage. I've never tasted sausage made with apple but I bet's it is good. Maybe we can find some next visit. 

Just outside the door were these old wagon wheels. They definately weren't old enough for pioneer days but they had belonged to some farmer some time in Nebraska history and they sure made a cute entryway. 

Look at all the shelves and shelves of jams and jellies and all sorts of canned stuff. It was hard for Michael and Susan to decide what to buy. 

The jars were arranged so pretty you about hated to mess with the design they made. 

Susan spied some popcorn balls so we got some. She said it reminded her of Halloween when she was a child and trick or treaters would get homemade candy and other goodies. The popcorn wasn't stuck together with syrup (as in long ago) but with the melted marshmallows you make rice krispie treats out of. Still, they were good. 

I love onions.... what can I say..... I had to take a picture of these beauties.

At the cash register I saw two yellow swans.... 

Look what they are made of..... two crook neck gourds. The cashier said her uncle made them. Well, Uncle whatever your name is.... your swan gourds made headlines on my blog.... that makes them famous in very small circles. hehe. 


  1. Love the Swans! Can't imagine how he made these!
    Wish I had some blackberry jelly and toast right now...!!!

  2. I too become disoriented at the sight of so many varieties of jam and jelly.

  3. Oh...look at that jam and jelly!!! Sounds like you are having a delightful time. So happy for you.


    PS - love the wagon wheels..brings back many memories for me. thanks for showing them today.

  4. Apple sausage....never tasted it..... sounds good though.

    Yum, I love popcorn balls. They remind me of Halloween too, but I like the sticky kind that sticks to your teeth.

    This looks like a fun stop!!

  5. Hi Latane, it looks a great place to stop and shop!I love the swans, peoples ingenuity never fails to amaze me.

  6. Those swans are genius! I've never seen a gourd used so creatively. that store must have been fun to visit.

  7. The swans are, well, indescribable!! I was curious about where this was, since I love southeastern Nebraska. I did find it in Nebraska City. Then I was curious to fine the orchard I remembered in that area, Kimmel's. They have some super historic photos on their website....and just the way I remembered. http://www.kimmelorchard.org/default.php
    We went there for cherries and apples each year. My mother loved freezing and canning. And of course she made a lot of jelly.... but just for us, not displayed as in your photo. Thanks for the fun fun memories!! K


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