Sunday, July 10, 2011

Granny Blogging

                                                           12 DAYS TIL I LEAVE ON TRIP

I picked up an issue of the AARP magazine (mar-Apr 2010) in preparation of tossing it into the garbage and found an article in it that just tickled my fancy. The title, 'Diaries Go Digital', so I read further.

Just lately I had read a blog post where my good friend Jenn Jilks was discussing some young people she had overheard talking very loudly on some device, cell phone I think, and when she asked them to lower their voice (it was in a restaurant) they started talking ugly about 'old people'. (To read the whole post go to ) Now, I remember those wonderful days when polite callers had a phone booth to make their calls from. They didn't intrude on anyone else's space.

I find that young people (and some older ones) have never been taught any manners. Shame on their parents!!

Anyway, this magazine article made me think about myself. Around 1988 or 89 I was inundated with papers and files where I had documented my family history. I knew there must be some way to preserve these without them taking over my entire house. So, I walked into Radio Shack and asked for help. I'd never had my hands on a computer but I walked out of the store with one under my arm. And, I've been hooked on technology ever since.

Yes, I am old. I was 54 when I bought that first computer, I'm 77 now.

 I use my computer in various ways, social networking (facebook and blogging and I am certainly not opposed to checking out Twitter), storing all my family photos and using the word processor to write books etc. And, I own a cell phone and I text my family and friends. I haven't gone to the Smart Phone yet but one of these days I may do that.

According to the article in the magazine, I am not alone. It states that nearly 450,000 Americans who are over 65 years of age post their own blogs. I have met some wonderful friends in the blogging world and an awful lot of them are 'older'.

I find that blogging fills my desire to connect, to share, to reach out to others. While my husband was ill, it served as an outlet for me to be able to express my frustrations, my heartbreak and my feeling of helplessness with others.

Those young whippersnappers had better wake up to the REAL world, the one where they are not the only shining stars around. We older folks have been there, done that and will continue to keep up with the younger set. Maybe we will even pass them by.


  1. Here,here Latane and so say all of us 'old'Bloggers!

  2. I'm right with you on that, Latane!
    My computer helps me stay connected with the world outside my home. I like people and I like staying connected with my friends and in touch with what's going on in their lives.

  3. I am also a Techie!Hahaaaa...and I love my IPhone! You can blog, FaceBook, Tweet, take photos, email...FUN!
    I'll run over and check out her blog Girl!

  4. We are pretty hip, you said it well for us old blogger's.

  5. Your so right .....I don't know what I would do without my helps me stay connected with old friend and meet new friends, pay my bills, check on recipes...and on and on and on.....and I love my smart phone too...only problem, it's smarter than me...(almost)

  6. Amen Latane! And well said. Kids don't realize that someday they're going to be old! That certainly doesn't excuse them for unkindness no matter what the technology!

    I love all my tech stuff too...I'd really, really, really hate to give up my computer or my cell phone. I'd would totally dislike having to be connected to a land line again. I wouldn't have made it through Don's and my last years together without my computer. I used it to look up all the medical info. I needed to take care of him. Plus it gave me an outlet that helped me cope (somewhat) with what I knew was coming down the road at me (with the speed of a "fast train.")

    Happy Tuesday to you, Theanne

  7. I've said many times, I'd rather live without my stove than without my computer! You're a savvy senior, Latane!

  8. Oh I so agree! Since I joined the crochet class at the Senior Center I can honestly say that these are the smartest women I have been around in forever. I LOVE going. I hope to learn so much from all of them.


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