Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Walk in my Yard

I've been invited to come visit my son and daughter-in-law in Nebraska. It's 15 days until I leave.

I took a few moments this afternoon to walk about in my yard, just drinking in the beauty of the flowers, giving thanks for a soaking rain yesterday, and hunting butterflies. The butterflies are scarce this summer. I hope they come back to see me soon.

The gardenias have been a true delight, bowing the branches with multitudes of sweet smelling blossoms.

The coleus always is easy growing and provides lots of color to the beds.

I have three different colors of lilies. I love them all but really love the double pale yellow one.

and by the side of the garage I found a stack of pavers with salad tomatoes growing out from under. Volunteers from last year.
 Go figure.


  1. It's so good to hear that you're going to visit family. A change of scenery and people is always good for the spirit.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!!!! I love gardenias and their wonderful fragrance.

    I wish you could send some of your rain our direction.
    Happy weekend!

  2. You have some beautiful flowers in your yard! We are thankful for rain, too. Hope you have a wonderful trip and visit with your family!

  3. The flowers in your yard are beautiful!! I loved walking around the yard with you. Nebraska is a state I have not yet visited. Enjoy your visit!
    Sorry, I have been so far behind in visiting my favorite bloggers. It has been a busy summer for us.

  4. That's a Gardinia???? Beautiful!!!! Looks as big as a Magnolia blossom!!
    Glad you're going on the trip!!
    I know you'll enjoy it!

  5. Your lilies are gorgeous!!! Have fun on your trip. It's great to get away but even better to get back home. Be safe.

  6. Wonderful photos! You belie all the myths that us seniors are sitting on our butts knitting!!!!

    You have always done all the right things for yourself: looked after your mental health, the bereavement process, and visited with family and friends.
    I admire you greatly.

  7. I am glad you are contemplating a visit to family. That is always a great time... THanks for visiting Oatmeal and Whimsy and leaving such a lovely comment. Come back and visit any time. Your blog is really wonderful. I can't wait to explore some of your older posts... Take care. Your flowers are sure pretty, too.

  8. The flowers in your yard are beautiful and so are the photos. I really like the white gardenia.

  9. Hi Latane, I've missed visiting with you (very limited Internet access on my travels), but I'm glad to see you've been busy enjoying life! I am so very partial to gardenias, having carried a bouquet of freshly-picked ones on my wedding day. I would have to say that they are my favorite flower, with the possible exception of the American Beauty Rose, which I adore. My husband bought me a gardenia bush a few years ago and for the last six to eight weeks it has been giving me beautiful blooms which I promptly cut and bring inside and put into a little vase I keep only for my gardenias. It sits beside my chair where I relax, and their perfume is so nostalgic. Your lilies are beautiful as well! God bless you today!


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