Friday, July 1, 2011


It's 4th of July weekend, Independence Day. Do we reflect back to why we celebrate this day?  I wonder. For some it is a day off work (or two or three), for some it is time for barbeque and a dip in the pool, for others family get-togethers. But, for all, whether we remember it or not, it is a day of independance for our country, for our freedom. It's a time for parades, and flags. I'd like to share a very few of the American flags I have seen over the years.

Arbor Lodge, Nebraska City, Nebraska

A parade in Wakefield, Virginia

Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

on brother-in-laws pier, Smith Lake, Alabama

Elbert on July 4th, Auburn, Nebraska

Albert G. Horton Veterans Cemetery, Suffolk, Va.

Albert G. Horton Cemetery

I plan on flying two flags from my front steps. Where are you going to display yours?


  1. Ahhhhh....((HUG))
    Love them All....
    Sweet weekend to you Latane!

  2. I love flags. Great pictures. I hope you have a happy 4th. Thinking of you always.

  3. I wonder if the younger generations feel as our generation does about the flag of our nation? I think anyone who remembers WWII has a special feeling about our flag and what it stands for, as we remember how much our freedom has cost over the years.

  4. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful banner. We are traveling to be with family in Ohio and I'm sure there will be flags everywhere. Happy Independence Day to you, Latane!

  5. Hi Latane, Yes the flag will be hanging on the front of our two story garage for all to see. We are very proud to be able to display it. May we ever wave the red, white and blue!

    All of your pictures are very interesting. The one I like the best is of your husband among the flags in Nebraska.

    Have a Happy 4th of July and thank you for your post.


  6. It is me..again..Latane. I did not realize until after I posted my comment that the last picture is of Elbert's grave and gravestone. Nice for him to be at the Veteran's Cemetery. God bless you, Latane.

  7. Beautiful flags.... it's especially good to see the picture of Elbert standing in front of all the beautiful flags. It's so touching to see the gravestone and the flags......
    Thinking of you always,


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