Monday, July 4, 2011

Without a Map

Did you ever start on a trip to a place you've never been before and not taken a map with you? Oh, I know, these days there are computer searches, map quest and printouts or those wonderful GPSs. But, just give me a PAPER map so I can see where I am going. I need to see the directions with my own two eyes.

There are trips that we take that noone has made a map for. Frustrating as heck. Somebody needs to have laid out our routes, told us when and where to turn, pointed us in the right direction.

I am afraid I have headed off down this rabbit hole without a map, folks.  Sometimes I can find my way and then, lo and behold, that dadgum rabbit runs off and leaves me and I end up going down some path and I have no idea where I am. I run into strange circumstances, unusual people, or sit in the middle of the road with tears on my face.. much like Alice did in her journey in Wonderland.

I am talking here about being alone for the first time in how many years, oh, yes, it was 60!! When I got married I was a partner, one of a couple, and we made our own road map (when Uncle Sam and the Navy wasn't telling us where to go and when). I got used to a daily routine, the schedule of us living our lives and now I am just floundering around trying to figure it all out. I never was much good at directions, anyway. And, heaven help me, some days I don't even know what day of the week it is, much less where I am going. But, it's getting better.

Well, I thought it was until last Friday night. Perhaps it was the holiday weekend coming up or perhaps it was just one of those lost moments I get into. So, I am upset and figetty and I want to do something, go somewhere, have some structure. I always call Shirley when I get like this and she got me busy looking at the 'Virginia is for Lovers' website.

Don't get is not a dating service. It's a tourism site and I spent some hours going through every place,  event etc. that I could. I am going to start going down some of those roads that I haven't been on before. To heck with that crazy white rabbit!!

I just need to start learning to be on my own and make my own directions. Oh, by the way, to cheer me up Shirley took me to see Larry Crowne at the movie theatre on Saturday. A small but delightful start.............

Hmmmm.... now let's see what else I can find to fill my days and lonely times. That tourism site sure had a lot of suggestions.


  1. I admire your spirit and hope you have adventures that fill your scrapbook with good memories! I think if I ever took a tour...well, it would probably be with a group. I have such a poor sense of direction...I hate to comtemplate

  2. I volunteer to fill my time. You have a lot to give.

  3. I'm with Jenn...You have tons to give!!!

  4. Hi Latane,try touring with a group and you may strike up a friendship to continue touring. There must be lots of ladies in the same circumstances who would love a travelling companion especially one like yourself who is witty, knowledgable and fun!

  5. I love looking at maps, reading maps, consulting maps, and admiring maps ... and once in a while I even enjoy following one to a place I've never been! But I'm not all that great of a map reader ... my husband is the map guy. I don't have GPS but if don't know the way by heart, I rely on MapQuest directions and they've rarely let me down. Now, I know you were speaking figuratively as much as literally ... I know what you mean when you say it's just all confusing trying to decide which direction to go in, which path to take. So I wish you luck and joy and blessings as you "travel" ... whether from an armchair or dreaming upon your pillow or with a suitcase at the ready and your adventure shoes on. It really is ALL GOOD!


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