Saturday, August 13, 2011

Barns in Nebraska

This part of the country (remember, I am visiting in Nebraska)  is our nation's corn belt. Everywhere you look are miles and miles of corn fields, on the hills, down in the small valleys, rows, and rows and rows of corn, corn, corn. And, they grow some of the best beef in the U. S. What else you gonna feed all that corn to but Cows. Cows live in barns.

I remember when I was small, back in Alabama, my granddad had a big barn and cows. I swung on the pasture gate (fell off and sprained my arm), climbed the ladders, even tried my hand at smoking 'rabbit tobacco' one time while hiding out in the hay loft. Small wonder my playmate and I didn't set the place on fire. For those of you who have never seen rabbit tobacco, it's a whitish looking weed that grows in the field.

So, barns have always held a fascination for me. I just wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken of the barns I have seen while here in SE Nebraska.
this barn looks so CLEAN.... so white is good

but, red is my favorite. Just love red barns

This one has been around awhile.

Hope you enjoyed my barn snapshots. Do you have any memories of barns you would like to share? 


  1. Love the barns! We had one like the white one...I witnessed my first colt getting born in one of the stalls...Trudy...Thanks for the memory Girl!!

  2. Hi, We are on vacation, too, and we saw lots of barns and farm country coming to Chicago. I love to make pictures of old barns. Having been raised on a farm, I have lots of fond memories of playing in the barn.

  3. I grew up on a large farm right here in the town I have never left. There were many barns but remembering Grandpa's barn brings back many memories. That is where the horses were kept. My sister and I would saddle up and ride everyday after school. Grandpa was very proud of his big barn.

  4. Wow....what an amazing assortment of barns of so many sizes, shapes and colors.... Trying to pick a favorite....I think the big red barn..

  5. Love the barns, Mom! Great pictures! OK, you said you started a new there a link?


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