Thursday, August 11, 2011

Funny Banner

With time to kill around these here Western parts I've just been piddling on the computer. Yesterday I clicked on Picasa and there were several pictures which I decided to delete. It warned me that if the picture was deleted it would be taken off my blog site. Boy, was I bored!! So, regardless of the warning I started deleting some graphics I'd used.One I got rid of  was a rabbit graphic, didn't think much about it but this morning I have this black square with a triangle in it .............sort of scared me. Was it a warning of some sort? Then it hit me.... That is where that rabbit graphic was in my 'Down The Rabbit Hole' . Well, if I can't find a picture from out here to replace it with then the scary black square remains until i get home and get on my computer where I have all these wonderful pictures and graphics stored.


  1. I am glad you are coming out of your slump and thinking of change.
    Loved the name Down The Rabbit Hole but Living Life On Main Street is good also.

  2. What ever name you have.....I'll be following along. I was looking at blogs today and discovered you still had your Alzheimer blog.....I somehow lost or deleted it....I'll be following along on it too...


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