Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Fun

Summer fun continues....
Grandchildren, a big surprise and lunch at an ice cream parlor.

GS Tighe (from New York) meets his little cousin, Dylan (from Virginia)

GS Griffin flew in from New York to surprise me while we were having lunch at the ice cream shoppe in Smithfield. You can tell that I was very happy.

GS Owen was enjoying a banana split.

While Tighe had a yummy strawberry cheesecake ice cream cone. I know because he let me have a taste.

GS Tighe dancing down the stairs at Grandmother's house.

Tighe and I went out to pick tomatoes.

Wow, Tighe. That's a big one.

DD Susan and her three boys left for home today. Life will be quiet and sad.... until I find another adventure to get into.


  1. Hi Latane...It is so wonderful to be with family, isn't it? I know they all are so special to you. I'm dying to know your next adventure! The sky's the limit!!!!


  2. What an awesome surprise! Glad you had time with Susan and the kids. I know it was so special getting to see Griff when you didn't expect it. How cute is that Tighe picking tomatoes!

  3. Oh, Latane, what a cutie Tighe with that 'mater! Beautiful family share.

    Be safe, we just finished hunkering down for the hurricane. Ugh! First the earthquake & now this... all in one week.
    Good thing we came home from our travels.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Oh Latane,
    What a beautiful family you have!!!!! I love the sweet hugging picture of you and your grandson.
    What a wonderful surprise!!!

    Tighe is so cute....and growing up so fast!
    Those are some mighty good looking tomatoes.....

    I know you're glad the storm of Irene is gone.


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