Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When all else fails, redecorate

This year has had it's ups and down and lately I've been more down than up. For now, however, I'm over my slump into that deep dark hole of sadness. Something about not being home, something about not having my stuff, something about missing Elbert, something about it being Sunday, something about something. 

Monday morning I got up late, collapsed into an easy chair and turned on the tv. There was the Nate Berkus Show so I decided to watch. Sort of stared for a few minutes and then my brain kicked into gear, my innermost senses cranked up and took off and I grabbed a note pad and started to write. I liked some of the things he was doing to other people's houses. Oh, you don't know Nate Berkus? Sorry, he's a interior designer who used to guest on Oprah. Cute Southern guy. 

It was the little things that caught my attention and I started seeing me making some small changes to my house. Nothing big. While I was keeping Elbert from falling, from him getting confused... you know the routine.... I made a lot of changes in my house. I got rid of rugs, got a sturdier sofa, moved a rocker into the sunroom, brought my computer desk downstairs so i could blog all you people while I watched him, Changed the den into my bedroom since I needed to be closeby but not in the bed with Elbert. He did get up alot, thrash around and was so restless at night so i needed to have my own bed. Our home got turned upside down so to speak. 

Now I need to start making it more inviting, more comfortable, more mine. I promise pictures when I get back home but right now I am just making notes, notes, notes. I am excited. I'm out of my slump. At least for now. 


  1. Oh Latane! What an adventure this will be for you! I cant WAIT to see where you begin!!!

  2. I know you will have fun fixing your house to be more "you"! Blessings!

  3. Bless your heart Latane........it takes me forever to catch up with everyone and I did not know of Elbert's passing. I am so very sorry and my prayers are with you. It is hard to start over and to rearrange things in your home after your loved one has passed. But you will make the changes now that you are ready and you will find comfort in it all. Blessings and hugs to you. Kathleen

  4. Oh ..... this will be fun!! Nothing gets me out of the blues faster than decorating.
    Have fun!

  5. Fantastic idea, Latane!!!! Redecorating just s few things always brings me back "up"! You will have such fun....and I can not wait to see what you are doing!
    Good luck!



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