Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun times ...

Monday is always ABC day for my blog. I can't believe that I am up to the 'F's' already. You could say that F stands for fun and we had a lot of that in our lifetime (and I still do) but I don't have a picture that just screams 'Fun' out at you. Instead

F stands for farmer
That husband of mine was born on a farm and he had a love of growing things. Here he is in 2002 in an okra patch that our son-in-law planted.

F stands for Ferris Wheel and Ferry

This huge Ferris Wheel is at Navy Pier in Chicago. And, yes, we did ride it.

We take the ferry across the James River to Williamsburg. I love this shot of Elbert enjoying the ride.

          F stands for fish

A bass that Elbert caught while fishing with John (son-in-law). That was fun!!

 F stands for float

While we lived on Midway Island one of the pastimes was walking along the beach picking up glass floats used on Japanese fishing nets. They'd break loose from the net and float on the ocean until they landed on Midway. Some people (like my friend above) tied a macrame like knotted holder for theirs.

F stands for Ford

In 2005 I bought a new car and I still love it today. The Ford 500s were only manufactured about 3 years and I was lucky to have purchased mine during that time. Perfect for my long legs, my ability to see out, to handle ... everything. I love it.

So, until next Monday when we tackle the 'Gs' in my life.... have a good week.



  1. Great F's!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. The alphabet thing is a fun thing to do on your blog! I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for commenting on my wanting to make a blog book. I went to the one you suggested and it looks very easy. Good idea to take the link things out. I think I will print it at the end of the year. Thanks for steering me in the right direction! I always enjoy your comments on my blog--thanks for taking the time!

  3. I love the F's! The pictures of you and Elbert are fantastic! What wonderful memories. You had a very interesting and fun life with Elbert.


  4. Loved the old photo of your friend holding a float. Love the alphabet.

  5. Great pictures! Guess you can't get the 'farmer' out of the boy!
    Enjoying strolling thru the alphabet with you!

  6. Yep, your blog is so interesting, Mom! I especially love seeing pictures of things I also know and Dad.

  7. I love hearing your stories and looking at your sweet pictures!!!

    Good looking couple and car!


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