Monday, November 7, 2011

Ks all around

                                                            K stands for Kiss

A kiss on our 50th wedding anniversary in 2000

K stands for Kaiki

Our daughter wearing her Dad's kaiki Navy uniform. She's small (abt a size 6) so Elbert was tall and thin in his Navy days.

                                                              K stands for Kennel

Elbert had a foxhunting kennel. He raised, bred and hunted his Walker hounds.

K stands for kitchen

My newly remodeled kitchen. Makes me want to cook!!

K stands for Kansas City

The view of Kansas City from our hotel room


  1. love the photos of your "Ks" sweet!

  2. OOOOO....I like "the kiss" and your daughter trying on her Dad's uniform. Oh....and your kitchen! Isn't it sharp?....great backsplash. Start cooking....make cookies!!!!!!!

  3. Great bunch of K's! Your daughter looks like a model!! What a coincidence, my Jeep had a foxhound kennel for several years! Love the Kiss and the kitchen, too!

  4. K's are special all around. Love the picture of your daughter in the khaiki's

  5. What wonderful 'K' things!

    I just found your blog.
    I too live on Main Street in a little tiny town.
    Living on Main Street is the best!
    No better place to just porch sit and watch the world go by :)

    I'm your newest follower, and looking forward to reading your posts.

    Hoping that this is a great week for you!
    p.s. Our eldest son served his mission in VA.

  6. I love your "k's"..... the kiss is my favorite...... you have a mighty pretty daughter and beautiful kitchen!

  7. Love the shots and your daughter is Beautiful!!

  8. Great Ks Mom! Loved the fact that Dad was kind've the "star" of this one! Oh, did you see Dorothy's comment? Since Susan WAS a model, that tickled me!


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