Friday, November 18, 2011

Smokey, our dog

I've never been much of a dog person. I like my cats, but dogs... nope. But, it's not what you like that matters when you have children. Elbert had been at sea for months and the kids missed their Dad so when I had an opportunity to get them a dog I did what was best for my children!!

Queenie was a small dog. The man that she belonged to said she was a miniature German Shephard but I don't think he knew what he was talking about. And, I didn't know one dog from the next. I just knew that she was the pet for Michael and Shirley.

Time passed and Queenie gave birth to some puppies. We kept two, a fuzzy fur ball called Albert and a sleek little dude we named Smokey.

(Michael is holding Smokey, Shirley is holding Albert)

When it came time for the family to leave California we could only take one dog. There were two adults, a teenager and 3 younger children packed into that car already, along with suitcases and other paraphenalia. One dog could go. We chose Smokey, our son's puppy. Albert would have to be left behind. We moved from Concord, Ca. in 1964.  and we still hear from our daughter about how we left Albert behind!! She was unhappy little girl.

(Michael playing with Smokey in my Mother's yard)

In 1969 Elbert retired and we moved to Alabama to a farm. Smokey never strayed from the house and he and Michael were the best of buddies.

(This picture was made in the late 1970s - just look at that face!)

 One day we could not find Smokey. We looked everywhere, for days, no Smokey. A week passed, then two. One Sunday, when we returned home from church, there was Smokey. He never told us where he had been but neighbors about 2 or 3 miles away said they saw him limping homeward. Someone had taken him from our yard. As he tried to find his way home someone had shot him in the leg and he never walked on that leg again. He even had his own newspaper coverage telling about his big adventure and misadventure. (Click on article to make it large enough to read)

Eventually we had to have Smokey put to sleep. He was laid to rest atop the bluff where he and Michael had spent so many happy hours. He was about 12 years old.


  1. Your Smokey...was just incredible! I'm so happy he made it that turned up nose and those sweet eyes!

  2. What a handsome dog he was. You know, I just love pictures of the kids when they're young. Thank you for the post. I love to hear from you

  3. Smokey had a very adventure filled life..... and it sure looks like a good one with your children.
    The children must have been so thrilled when he made it back home again.
    Such a sweet face..
    LOve the pictures of your children!!

  4. Hi Latane, what a lovely looking dog1 I clicked on the story.Smoky really made the news with his escapades.

  5. Fantastic post about a fantastic little dog...we all remember Smokey so fondly!

  6. What a loyal friend Smokey was to me! He had such a long and adventurous like. I got Smokey when I was in the first grade and came home during my third year of college (1979) to finally say good by to him and put him down. There was a few years that he stayed in Alabama, living with my Grand Parents in Jasper when we lived in Annapolis, Maryland and Norfolk, Virginia in the mid to late 60's. But each year, our family would drive down to Granny's house for Christmas, and the second year we heard that Smokey would leave my grandparent's house and stay down the road all day waiting for us to come. One trip we picked him up about a half a mile from the house and he road to Granny's house with us. Mom, Smokey was actually over 15 people years old, making him 105 in dog years. He was the best friend a guy could ever want or have.

  7. Oh, Michael... what memories you shared. He was an incredible dog and we all loved him. I think he loved us too, especially you. I couldn't remember just how old Smokey was... sorry I guessed wrong.


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